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Polenta waffle

Uki asked how I made these. I cooked a serving of cornmeal by box directions. After it was cooked I poured it onto the waffle iron. It set up there then I tuned on the waffle iron and cooked until it was dry and a little brown. It had kind of a rubbery texture. I used it for my pizza crust. Put pizza sauce and sauted veggies, Boca crumbles and FF mozzarella. The "waffle got a little soggy but tasted OK. I had 1/2 for leftovers at lunch and it was very soggy but still tasty. I think if I do it again I'll put some seasoning (Italian, garlic powder) in the cornmeal when cooking.
I've also made the cornmeal and poured it in a pie plate to cool then used it as a pizza shell. I keep experimenting with new crust recipes.


Re: Polenta waffle

Thanks Pat! It sounds like it was "okay," but not what you would consider a "hit."