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Re: Daily Commitment 3/9

Hello, I am tierd too. Stayed up way to late yesterday. After sleeping in I messed up my whole schedule. My eating was off so It wasnt the most op day. Girl scout cookies got delivered. i ate and ate yesterday till my stomach hurt and then I couldnt eat anything the rest of the day. My tummy still isnt feeling too good this morning. live and learn. All it will take is one good op day and a walk on the treamill to get back on track.

op for me

Re: Daily Commitment 3/9

Good afternoon. I'm back from the gym. I did my 45 min on the treadmill and was about 30 calories short of 500 on my heart rate monitor so walked an extra 10 min slowly to get to 500. That's 5 activity points. I don't usually use them so don't know why it made a difference but guess it's the game. I've been eating OK, watching my portions but the scale isn't moving. Very frustrating. Today I bought a resistance band with a video so I can do something at home when I don't get to the gym. I still had a gift card for Dick's sporting goods that came from my boss so at least it didn't cost me anything if I don't end up using it.
Chelsie I couldn't even think of having Girl Scout cookies in the house. When I sold them (back in the 60's when they were 50 cents a box) I would buy my own supply and hide them under my bed. They are so addictive. You've had your splurge day now beck on the wagon.
Hope everyone has a great day


Re: Daily Commitment 3/9

Just checking in to be OP for the day. I had a doctor's appointment at 9:30, so had to get up and at 'em. I did my one mile walk since that's about all I had time for.

Since I got back, I've eaten lunch and put on a pot of hamburger soup. It's another new recipe I'm trying, so I'll let you know how it turns out! It's only 1 point per cup! YUM!

Uki, it's okay to be a grouch today! A wife and mother's job is 24/7...I haven't figured out why the husband and father's job isn't the same!

Chelsie, I can't handle the Girl Scout cookies! I just walk on by when I see them selling them and fortunately I don't have any granddaughters selling them this year!!

Pat, I wish I could get as motivated as you at the gymn! I am just plain lazy, I guess. I know what you mean about the scale not showing anything, though. Have you taken measurements lately or noticed any changes in how your clothes are fitting or not! We just have to hang in there no matter what!

Hope all of you have a great OP day!!!

Re: Daily Commitment 3/9

Good afternoon ladies. Had an okay weekend. I spent about 3 hours yesterday going through and separating my son's clothes by size so I can have a garage sale next month. I ended up with about 15 garbage bags full of clothes. CRAZY! Whatever I don't sell I am going to take to a kids resale shop and try to make some extra money there.
Hubby had another interview today. This job would be much better than the last job he interviewed for so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a phone call back.
Hope you all have a good day.

Re: Daily Commitment 3/9

I fell off the wagon and it rolled over me. Didn't go to weigh in Saturday, I was still sick. Ate out Fri and Sat nights becauswe I refused to make dinner when I didn't feel good. Feeling better yesterday and today but I haven't taken any time to plan out my meals. I'll get back on top of it right now. I'm tired because of time change too! Sounds like others are tired too.

Brooke..good luck with the job interview for the hubby. That's a good thing that he at least has an interview! Prayers for you from us

Re: Daily Commitment 3/9

Hi everybody...better late than never, right? I've been super busy this last couple days...but I've been OP and doing just fine!

DH and I decided we are taking a vacation! That's what I've been busy doing. Can't go as far as the beach, but we are going to the mountains and renting a cabin in the Smokey's and going to spend some time there in Gatlinburg with the boys. We are going June 15 and I can't hardly wait. I've spent lots of time online comparing prices and accomdations and I've found the perfect cabin!

Anyway, I'm headed to bed. Brooke - hope the interview went well.

Chels - back away from the cookies, LOL!