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Daily Commitment 3/11

Happy Hump Day! I love wednesdays, because I know I am 1/2 way to the weekend. :)

I am off to a busy morning. I have many errands to run and a visit to the chiropractor to squeeze in there too.

I am hoping you all have a great day. I am OP and ready for the day to begin.

Happy anniversary to Brooke - year #3!! :)

Re: Daily Commitment 3/11

Brooke --Happy Anniversary. Hope you get to do something special with your dh today.

Doing great this week. Did fine on the food front yesterday. Today is busy busy with work. My son has a project for school tomorrow and I'll be helping him with that later. Projects always end up costing me cash and I don't like that, LOL!

Anyway, I'm also in the midst of planning a vacation with DH...I'm so excited. I can't wait to go. We leave June 15 for the Smokies.

Have a good one everyone.

Re: Daily Commitment 3/11

Good Morning. Boy is it chilly here this morning. It says 0 but it is about 20 below. Was hoping for a late start this morning but it didnt happen. Oh well made me get up and get going, otherwise I would still be laying on the couch watching cartoons!!

Had a wonderful op day yesterday. made sure to put alot of protein and veggies into my meals to help me stay full. Fought off chocolate cravings with a 1 pt chocolate bar after jujitsu.

Today is my weekly weigh in. i will be happy with whatever it says. I didnt excersise a whole lot and my food choices this weekend werent great. But at least it was limited to only a few meals and not my whole week.

After weigh in I will go work in my dd classroom. I find I am really looking forward to this everyweek. I might start going one more afternoon. It gets me out of the house, and I really enjoy helping the students and Mrs. Brown, her teacher.

Planning out my supper before I go and then tommorrow I will plan out next weeks meals. I do so much better when I already have it planned out.

OP for me!
Have a great day everyone.

oh, happy anniversary Brooke! Also I hope things are going well with your husband job search. U are in my thoughts!


Re: Daily Commitment 3/11

My morning got interrupted, so I am just now getting on here to say I'm OP for the day! Have the 4 yr old granddaughter for the night. She wanted to come spend the night with us, so everything else goes by the wayside when they want to come! I love it! I did get a two mile walk in before they got here, though. I still don't have any energy, though!

It is cool here this morning! Yesterday it was in the 80's, this morning it was sleeting for a while! I think that is what is happening with my moods! I am ready for the change of the season. I usually have a winter time of depression and it seems to have shown up is the last couple of weeks..later than usual! It is so aggravating to have to fight the mood of wanting to pull the covers over my head every morning.

Uki, I'm glad it's "Hump Day", too. I start a new week on Thursdays and it's closer to Saturday weigh-in, too. Carrie, the Smokies was our favorite vacation place for the longest after my husband and I got married. We lived only 1 1/2 hours away at that time, though! It's been a few years since I've been there. It has changed a lot over the years, or at least Pigeon Forge being so close has changed! Chels, hope you had a good weigh-in. I'm trying to eat more protein and veggies, too!

Well, the granddaughter is ready for lunch, so I will go get her fed and finish my planning for the day. I had a late breakfast, so I need to decide what's to eat for the rest of the day and take something out of the freezer for dinner!

Hope everyone has a great OP day. Brooke, Happy Third Anniversary! Mine is coming up the 29th..40 years!

Re: Daily Commitment 3/11

Good afternoon ladies. Happy hump day! Thank you all for your anniversary wishes. DH came and picked me up for lunch and brought me a single tye-dye rose in a bud vase. It is really pretty. We went to Mazzios for lunch and had pizza buffet. I splurged a little since it's our anniversary, but I will be good the rest of the day.

I am 3 pounds away from a milestone (the under 200 mark)and am super excited. I can't wait to never see that "2" again.

I have been really hungry (and ******* lately and finally figured out why. Aunt Flo decided to make her appearance today. That explains it all! She always shows up at the most convenient times. I'm pretty sure she showed her ugly little face on my wedding day too.

What did everyone think of the Biggest Loser last night? I couldn't believe the black team won the weigh in. It just doesn't seem fair. The blue team worked their butts off.

Well, I hope you all have a great day.

Re: Daily Commitment 3/11

Hi everyone. I just got back from my day of running. Gym at 8:30 for 70 minutes in the pool, then to the quilt shop for our monthly get together and show & tell. Then to Joanne's for fleece to back a baby quilt. Then to 2 grocery stores and finally home at 2. I didn't plan and had no lunch with me except an apple. I was starved when I got home but had 2 veggie burgers on a sandwich thin (have you seen that they now have rye? It is good but not a strong rye flavor) and some broccoli slaw. Now I'm ready until supper.
Brooke, happy anniversary. We will hit 39 this year. Just ready to watch last night's biggest loser and we had a short power outtage. Don't know if more to come or not. 50 MPH winds and falling temps.
Tomorrow is WW so we'll see what the scale says.

Take care