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Daily commitment 3/12

Good morning. Off to WW in about an hour. I think I'll have a loss. It might be small but hopefully it will be in the right direction. I've eaten well this week and exercised so we'll see. After WW I have an appointment with a Dr to see if I can get into a clinical trial for people with chronic constipation. I've never done a clinical trial before but this sounds like something that can help me and maybe other people.

Hope you all have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 3/12

Good morning everyone. I am just sitting here enjoyign my pb2 oatmeal. thought I would give it a whirl and it turned out pretty good!

Yesterdays weigh in was not in my favor. i gained .6 so enough to tell me hey, quit your weekend eating. but not so much to get me discouraged. I am going to try super hard this week to hit my 5%.

Today I will finish planning out my meals and then clean a little. Hit the treadmill and I have a insurance meeting this afternoon. Haircuts for the kids tonight and then I have a date with my couch a bowl of popcorn and one of the last episodes of ER!!

op for me ALL WEEK!!!
have a great op day

Re: Daily commitment 3/12

Good Morning all...it is a cold morning here and the trees are a crystal forest with all the ice! Hope my Bradford pear trees which are in full bloom don't end up with broken branches. They are all bending their heads trying to cover themselves from the freezing rain, I think!!!

My granddaughter and I have had our breakfast and have been watching Sponge Bob and various children's shows and we are about to read another story from a book she brought out with her yesterday. He Mom is supposed to come and pick her up later this a.m.

I am OP for the day! Hopefully, I will get out of this mood of being hungry. I had no points left last night and was craving something, so I made some quickset Jello. The granddaughter had to have some along with me, of course! I am trying to better prepare myself today!!

Hope everyone is having a good day so far!!

Re: Daily commitment 3/12

I am in for another day too. :)

I just got back from the chiropractor and all is going well. I have to buy one of those big "medicine" balls and do some special shoulder exercises. I take my mom to the store tomorrow, so I will get it then.

Diane, enjoy your day with your granddaughter! We are Spongebob fans over here too. I love Squidward. LOL

Pat, I hope you qualify for the clinical trial and that you get some relief from it. I know that it is the pits and some people's bodies just don't work quite right in that area, no matter how much fiber, etc. they eat. Keep us posted.

I made some PB cookies for Scott to take to a potluck tomorrow and haven't touched them. Yay me!

I am looking forward to ER tonight too. I also like Grey's anatomy. My date includes WW ice cream instead of popcorn. Yummo! :)

Re: Daily commitment 3/12

Hi everybody. I've tried 3 times to get on and have started a post, only to be interrupted.

Anyway, doing just fine. We booked our cabin last night online and I was so keyed up I couldn't sleep very well. I'm counting down the days till we leave.

On the food front, I've done very well so far this week. I just had the best grilled chicken sandwich and fruit cup from Chick fil A. I was told that was all for 6 points...I'm going to double check. IF so, that's great!

Back to work I go...have a good one.