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Daily commitment for 3/15

Happy Sunday. I'm OP for another day. Off to church in a few then I think I'll clean my closet and get rid of all the too big clothes so I can put my new stuff in.

Have a Blessed day


Re: Daily commitment for 3/15

Morning everyone.

I wasn't on this site much yesterday...I had a pretty busy day. I did my grocery shopping then went to an antique store for a few hrs. After that, I went over to my office for some peace and quite so I could start my paperwork for 2 teaching jobs I'm applying for. I had thought I was done with the resume, but I let a teacher friend of mine take a look and she came back with countless suggestions for improving it and it was like starting over from square one. In the end, I have a teacher resume that I'm super proud of. I stayed up until 1:00 this morning and did the cover letter. Got it done, didn't like it so I redid it. Today, she's gonna take a look at it too. Then, she's taking both to her principal for her to critique it as well. I'm excited to have an administrator offer suggestions before it goes to these other 2 schools.

Anyway, with all this stress, I have managed to stay OP all week. I'm down a couple lbs. this morning and I'm estatic about that!

Off to church here in a few. I need to sit down and catch up on reading these threads from yesterday. From what I can tell, looks like Pat needs a shopping trip, eh?

Have a good one!

Re: Daily commitment for 3/15

Good morning everyone!

Good luck with the jobs, Carrie. I hope something pans out for you.

I am up but not at church. I seem to be in a TERRIBLE spiritual slump. Now in my defense... part of the problem is that since Scott is playing with the praise band, he has to be there at 8:00a. Sunday school doesn't start until 9am, which is still pretty early. I get up and get Scott off by 7:30a and then I am on my own to get the kids up and fed and ready. This is no big deal since they are older, but they like to sleep a little on the weekends, so it turns into this big monster deal to wake them and then they are all cranky and grouchy. I also HATE taking 2 separate cars to church, and I hate sitting by myself for the service. Yes, I know I am whining and being a big baby about this whole thing. The kids don't care whether we go or not and since everyone is doing something different, it doesn't feel like we are worshipping as a family. Sigh. I know - I need to just get over my bad self. LOL

So here I am on Sunday morning, playing on the computer instead.

Have a great day!

Re: Daily commitment for 3/15

just checking in after some more days of struggle, but it always feels safe to come back to such a supportive place here. Lots of family stress that is slowly getting better, but so unhappy with myself that I let old destructive eating habits happen yet again as a coping mechanism, when I know very well that never workds. Anyway, I am back OP today and trying to hang in there one day at a time. Wishing everyone a joyous Sunday and a good start to the new week. SIncerely, maajida

Re: Daily commitment for 3/15

Uki, I so understand your "spiritual slump". I was there last fall when we had all the problems with our pastor. He has moved on but the church hasn't healed yet. We still ask each other on Sat. night or Sun. morning "are we going to church today?" and still sometimes the answer is I don't really care. Hoping that we all get over it and focus on the real reason that we get together with our church families.


Re: Daily commitment for 3/15

Just now see that I haven't posted again! I think I'm getting senile! LOL! I've been on the computer doing some work for my husband this afternoon and haven't had a chance to "play" on the computer any!!!!

I've been OP for the day. Need to go finish the rest of my points before bedtime! I'm way late tonight since I have been so busy on the computer!

Carrie, good luck with the teaching job! Wow! To have two slots available and one so close to home is great. Hope you'll get one of the positions!

Pat, I have cleaned my closet and storage bins, too! Now I have one of my spare beds covered with jeans, etc. and I sent clothes home with one sister in January! I guess these might go to Goodwill! Wish I had someone I knew they would fit. It's like getting rid of old friends, though! LOL! My new friend collection is still on the small scale. Can't afford to buy much at the time!

Uki, I know the feeling of the church situation, too. They changed our Sunday School to 8:00 a.m. and things are still a mess. I haven't been in about three Sundays now. We went to my son's chuch about 35 miles from here this a.m. and really enjoyed it. We had been there once before. I don't know if our church will ever get back to normal or not! I hate to think I'll have to drive so far to go and enjoy a service. Our oldest daughter and her family have gone twice, too and they really like it. They have been going to the same church as we have for all these years! It's hard to get back in to fellowship once a bond has been broken!

I didn't mean to go on and on......

Maaj, it's good to see you on here for a minute! Hang in there. We haven't forgotten you! Hope things will settle down for you soon and things can get back to some kind of "normal" for you. Don't quit the race. We never let the "rats" win!!

Gotta go eat a snack and get to bed!!! Why have I waited so LATE!! UGH!!

Re: Daily commitment for 3/15

Hi Diane..thanks for your sweet post no matter how late it is. To be remembered and cared for so individually means alot...thanks for responding to each of us. I took comfort from your words. Still OP at the end of the day...thanks again, maaj