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Daily commitment 3/19

Good morning. Spring has come and gone in Western NY. Down in the 40's today. Some of our worst snow storms have been in March.
I'm off to WW in a few minutes. Got on my scale this AM and looks like I might be down a little.
Does anyone else have the problem of not seeing yourself the size that you are? I always had that when I was heavier but now that I've lost weight I look at my clothes and as I'm putting on the pants or shirt I think there is no way that that is going to fit my body. When it fits I'm totally amazed. Not sure I'll ever get my "fat" mentality out of my head.
Jim is so good and supportive. I said the other day that I'm tired of paying WW and he said just keep going, it's working. I'm fortunate that the dues don't strain our budget but also glad that he doesn't deny me the support of WW.
Food is going good. Haven't made anything great, except Ruben sandwich with leftover corned beef, FF swiss cheese and Arnolds sandwich thin Rye.
Have a great day everyone.


Re: Daily commitment 3/19

Pat, I am convinced that I will ALWAYS struggle with the fat mentality. No matter how great my husband says I look, I still see fat. Sigh. Maybe someday...

I am done with exercising, got the kids and Scott out the door, am wolfing down breakfast and off to take my mom for her colonoscopy. Maaj, thanks for the heads up on what to expect on recovery. :)


Re: Daily commitment 3/19

Pat - I struggle with that too. When I look in the mirror I see the fat me, not me who is about 1 size away from my goal (my dress size goal). Even the compliments are overwhelming at times b/c really, I don't like to be the center of attention. When I go out to try things on I automatically reach for the big size and I'm like, wait...I'm 3 sizes smaller than that. I have a lot of mental talks with myself in case you all haven't figured that out yet, LOL!

Uki - ok...I looked at your photo's recently on facebook and you are skinny! But, I can relate totally to the mindset. Sure people say we look great and we are healthier and buying smaller sizes, but at what point will I stop seeing that fat person in the mirror or stop covering myself up before I walk by a mirror just so I don't have to look at myself?? This is the struggle with doing WW at home. Does WW offer support of the mental parto of weight loss at the meetings? How much time to they spend talking about stuff like this, b/c it is a really big deal and probably more so for us females.

On the food front, did well yesterday and plan to be oP today. Easter is getting close and I'm starting to crave those darn peeps again.

Re: Daily commitment 3/19

Carrie, i totally forgot about easter candy! I think I'll buy myself a fresh pineapple (my favorite). I can't just eat one piece of candy so it's better that I don't even try, I just end up frustrated with myself.

I am SO BUSY!!! We have spring break next week and it couldn't come faster. The deadlines for getting everyone here and there are making me tired.

I am staying on plan now that I'm on CORE. I eat when I'm hungry and don't when I'm not. I've been keeping a lot of yummy fruit in the house. I always thought it's too expensive to buy all the good stuff but I decided this week that I'm worth it if it makes me happy. AND I"M HAPPY!!!

PS. I'm with you guys on always seeing fat. I've been seeing fat since I was 5 years old and I don't know that I'll ever see skinny or even ok.

Have a great day. Love ya all!

Re: Daily commitment 3/19

Hello, busy busy today. didto with everyone on the feeling fat thing. I am a pear shape with I swear abnormally large butt, thighs, an calfs. oh yeah cant forget hips. then I am very small on the top till about my waist. so no matter if I go down 2 sizes which has been my lowest I still hated my lower half. I think we just have to remember where we were to begin with and then decide which one we'd rather have. Also be proud of what u have accomplished. Everyone of u deserve it.

Well this mornign is a moring of experimentaion. I made veggie cheese soup that a girl at my ww meeting said was 1 pt per cup. glad I figured it my self it was 4 pts and had over 1000 grams of sodium!! Gave it a taste and it was good but not 4 pts good. and way too much sodium for me. So I will find some one to give it too. Next was Bran muffins with sf apple pie filling. THese were very very good. 2 pts for 1/2 cup of mix 1 batch will make 30 muffins. Next was turnovers with the left over pie filling. I also had some cherry in the fridge so I made up both. I liked the cherry better. It wasnt no perfect flaky turnover but it would curb the craving if needed these were 3 pts. I would probley just stick with my bran muffin, they were that good!!

now I am off to make dinner, go to a friends for a play date. I will hop on the treadmill around 230 and then it is beef ziti for supper. Tonight is another heartstopping tear jerking episode of ER I will sure miss that show.

Hope u all have a wonderful day
op for me