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Daily Comittment for 3/21

Good morning everyone. I'm just logging on to say that I'll be OP today. Hopefully you all will be as well.

I've got a busy day of laundry ahead of me. I also have to run to the bank, store, and couple of other small errands.

Re: Daily Comittment for 3/21

Good morning. My body decided that today was a day off. I slept till 8:30. I'll work in the sewing room but not much else planned. I'll be OP no matter what happens. Started with shredded wheat with my 2 tsp of flax oil.
Hope you all have a great weekend.


Re: Daily Comittment for 3/21

Good morning everyone. Going to be a lazy day of being home for me. Kids watching Bolt and I'm going to clean up the house a bit. Gained .8 today from the last time I weighed in 3 weeks ago, but I had weighed 1.5 more on the gym scale so I'll take it as a loss! Keeping my chin up and moving forward.

Re: Daily Comittment for 3/21

good afternoon everyone. Just got back from jujitsu and grocery shopping. going to grill some chicken sausage for dinner, then clean out the garage I think. Going to go for a long walk today it is like 65 out, got steak out for supper.

op for me.
you all have a great saturday!

Re: Daily Comittment for 3/21

Hi all! Checking in at the end of the day.

Got 60 mins on the treadmill and was OP. Scott and I mystery dined at Chili's and I got the chicken fajita pita with NO ranch sauce. I subbed salsa instead and only ate 5 small fries. I brought the rest home to the kids, who SCARFED them. LOL

Anna is under the weather with a bad sore throat. It doesn't look like strep, but her throat is really red. If she is not better on Monday, I will take her to the doctor just in case. She doesn't have a fever, so that is a good sign too. No church tomorrow for us, though.