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Daily Comittment for 3/22

Good morning everyone! I'm just signing on to say I'll be OP today; meals are already planned.

Uki - my oldest has strep (he's been on antibiotics for several days now). He came home last weekend and ran a fever Fri nite and all day last Sat. Then the fever cleared up he still complained of a sore throat. Thurs. eve. fever was back and so Friday we took him in and strep test was positive. Hope Anna doesn't have it, but might want to be safe and get her looked at. It's running around in the schools here in my neck of the woods.

Well, I'm doing well. Hope you all have a great day. We are getting ready for church and I'm supposed to be in the shower....later gators.

Re: Daily Comittment for 3/22

op for me


Re: Daily Comittment for 3/22

Good morning. I'm OP today but don't know what I'll fix yet. We're off to church in a few then who knows what the day will bring. Hope you all have a great day


Re: Daily Comittment for 3/22

Thanks for the heads up, Carrie. I would bet money that it is strep. She has the fever and her throat looks HORRIBLE! Oh my goodness, that poor child. Her tonsils are huge and her throat is so red. She has white patches on the roof of her mouth and she just cries from the pain. She is on advil round the clock and it isn't really helping much anymore. My poor girl.

We didn't go to church this morning, and just hung out here at home. I was OP all day and am just playing the waiting game until I get to call the doctor. I will let you all know how it turns out.

Thanks again!