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Daily Commitment 3/23

Good morning! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I have an appointment to take Anna to the doctor this morning at 11:40a for her throat. Praise God! My poor girl is so sick.

I am OP today with meals planned. I exercised already and will run a few errands as well. Meals are planned and we are ready to go. :)

How about you? What are you up to today?

Re: Daily Commitment 3/23

Good morning all. Trying to get my butt up off the couch and get going. Must be the gloomy weather. It has been raining since 6 pm last night.

Got up this morning and realized I forgot to bring my daughter to girl scouts last night. Makes u feel like a bad mom when u forget things like that but I get so relaxed on Sundays I forget she has a meeting everyother week. oh, well. I know she will understand.

Going to clean up the front porch today and then run well walk some errands up town if the rain stays away.

op for me
have a great day!

Re: Daily Commitment 3/23

First day of spring break, rainy here in Idaho as well. We have my brother in law and his two kids coming today, then I'm cooking for him and another brother tonight. TACO MONDAY! Always makes the planning easy and I love tacos!

After being totally depressed on Saturday because I'm up a lb down a lb and don't stay on track long enough to make progress I am back trying to loose for next week.

Anyone else impatient? Loosing weight is so slow and I'm an action girl. Eating is an action. So I contradict my efforts. Now that I have identified that problem I'm moving forward. 16 lbs to go and I'm not going to get there by the action of eating!

Hope you all have a great day. If anyone has any good advice for this struggling woman it is much needed. I'm trying to change my sad face to a happy one

I'm in the process of miserably failing

Re: Daily Commitment 3/23

Good afternoon. Back home from the gym. I felt like a slug all weekend so it was good to get back and work out.
Lisa, I hear you about being up and down. I've been doing the same thing until the last two weeks. I was up and down 0.2 -0.4 for several weeks. It is frustrating. I see you were trying Weight Tickler. I keep my weights posted there and it helps to see the graph and that it is overall going down.
Today will be OP. Tomorrow I'm not sure. We are driving 4 hours to the funeral of the father of a friend. We will be eating on the way there (someone mentioned Applebee's so I have to check out their menu) and then don't know what kind of reception there will be after the service. We will have to eat supper either there or on the way home. Lots of eating out on one day.
Need to get busy and get laundry done. Have a great day


Re: Daily Commitment 3/23

just dropping in to say hi at the end of the day. Am ok and OP and just trying to stay on an even keel. Always so inspiring to read everyone's posts here. Maajida