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Daily commitment 3/24

Good morning. This will be a quick post. We're getting ready to leave for a funeral which is 4 hours away. I'm planning on being OP but who knows with lunch and supper away and possibly in restaurants. I'll do my best. I have to remember that one day not totally on plan won't ruin everything I've accomplished so far. Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 3/24

op for me

Re: Daily commitment 3/24

I'm OP as well....just have been super busy.

Hope you all are doing well.

Re: Daily commitment 3/24

I was OP today too. I slept in a little this morning and then exercised. Anna is feeling a little better, but is not herself yet so we stayed home. I got the house cleaned and cleaned all the animal cages and clipped the birds' wings. It was a busy day, but good.