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Pat, and anyone else on core/simply filling HELP!!!

Alright I believe I am just needing something new to try something that gives me a little more restriciton on what I may eat. To me on the old flex you were restricted by portion and on core u are restricted by items. I have had so much trouble for 4 weeks. I keep mindless snacking because I know I can have it if I track it. I am grabbing it as I am telling myself NO! I am sick of it. I feel guilty later but not enough to stop myself. I have tried for 4 weeks to get it undercontrol and its not working. I am only gaining small amounts or maintaining but I feel like I am wasting my time continuing like this. So enough with the pity party and on to my questions.

1 potoatoe a day but how large of a potatoe

Are these considered core foods

origional shredded wheat?
Kashi vanilla fields shredded wheat?
Old Fashioned oats

I have never really tried core because I never thought I could live with out my bread. But right now the idea of being able to grab a piece of fruit when I want it with out haveing to wonder if I have the points seems better than that ham sandwich.

If u have any other useful hints or especially ideas for breakfast which is the meal I am having a hard time coming up with ideas for let me know. I am going to start tomorrow because I always start on Wensdays.

Thanks for listening everyone it is so nice to have all u "out there" to "talk" to


Re: Pat, and anyone else on core/simply filling HELP!!!

Chelsie, it has been a long time since I have posted
on this board, but I have become such a FAN of Core/
SFT that I am moved to try to answer some of your

A potato about the size of a lightbulb is considered a

Spoonsize, original shredded wheat is Core/Filling
Food. So are Fiber One Original and Ezekiel 4:9 origi-
nal. So is old fashioned oatmeal.

Pasta must be 100% whole wheat - no blend. Brown rice,
not white.

The first two teaspoons of healthy oil are permitted
without counting points.

I switched to Core in September and have never looked
back, even when the new Momentum program came out.
I have maintained my weightloss for over a year, even
managed to lose some extra when I switched from Flex.

What I like most about it is not feeling hungry!:) I do have to have some chocolate daily, and that is how
I use my WPA. Arnold's 100% whole wheat sandwich thins
have FINALLY become available in my area, and they are
super for just one point.

My weight is now at 139, eleven pounds lower than my
WW goalweight. I feel great and have more energy!

I have been reading along trying to keep up with all
of you on your journey and wish all of you well!

Re: Pat, and anyone else on core/simply filling HELP!!!

Nelli good to hear from you!! and thanks for taking the time to post. I am hoping this will work for me. I know many people have had sucess.

This winter I was temporarily laid off till possibly September. I quit smoking in November and packed on the pounds so I knew becoming a SAHM wouldnt help that unless I gained control. I love the ww program but I am around food so much more now. I am just having trouble saying no when I dont have pts left. The only positive so far is that my activity level is quite high. I walk everywhere as long as it is decent out. So that is what has probley saved me the passed couple weeks.

Well thanks for the update on you and all the good info

Take care hope to hear from u again soon

Re: Pat, and anyone else on core/simply filling HELP!!!

Chelsie, one of the things that I didn't mention is
that only one daily of potato, rice, or pasta. Also,
it is suggested that cereal only be eaten with milk
or yogurt. That is to keep our hands out of the cereal
boxes with that "mindless eating.":)

All fruits and vegetables are on the list, as are fat
free cheeses. The new SFT limits soy selections a bit.

I think you specifically mentioned breakfast in your
original question. I will scramble an egg in a tsp. of
olive oil. I use ground white meat turkey and make my
own sausage from a recipe found on the WW MBs. I love
cream of wheat made partially from milk. That is one
way to work in dairy if that is a problem for you. Be-
cause of medication, I have to eat a banana every day,
so that works in well at breakfast.

Good luck to you with all the changes.

Re: Pat, and anyone else on core/simply filling HELP!!!

Oh, also I completely forgot to give you my HUGE con-
gratulations on stopping your smoking habit! That is a
gigantic step toward good health!


Re: Pat, and anyone else on core/simply filling HELP!!!

Just typed a long post and then lost it. I'll try again.

My normal breakfast is oatmeal with Fiber 1 and frozen berries (love the berry mix from Aldi's). Add 2 tsp Flax oil so I can get my daily oils in. On Sundays I have grits with eggs.
For lunch it's usually leftovers or PB2 on sandwich thins (2 pts), veggies and fruit.
Supper is usually a salad, meat, veggie and jello, sf/ff pudding made with skim milk or ice cream for points
Lots of good recipes that are all Core/SFT at Heather's site http://www.freewebs.com/hwc1973/
if any ingredients aren't SF she give the nutrition info.
I usually try to take 1/2 the amount of food that my eyes say I need. If I want more I can go back but usually find that I'm satisfied with the smaller amount.
Good luck.


Re: Pat, and anyone else on core/simply filling HELP!!!

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Day one is going well but then I have only been up for about an hour! Dh said he would do the core with me except for his coffee during the day he puts cappacino in it. He also drinks sweetened green tea. But it is the eating at night that would get to me so he said he has no problem eating what I eat.

I'll let u all know how it goes