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Daily Commitment 3.25

Good Morning Everyone. I am up and starting a new routine this morning. Trying to get up when DH leaves for work, so about an hour earlier than normal. I will try to be up and ready for the day by the time I get my children up so that I am not lounging around in my pajamas till noon. I dont get anything accomplished that way! so well see how it goes.

today I have started the old core program. I was happily suprised when my oatmeal was listed as core because I love old fashioned oats! I count a little pb2 that I put in there but it is worth it if I get my pb fix in.

today I will be gone most of the day, preschool storyhour this morning , followed by weigh in and then going to help out at oldest dd's school. They have a author coming today to talk about a book she wrote. it is entitled U ATE THAT!! so it should be interesting.

Have a great day
op for me

Re: Daily Commitment 3.25

Good morning. Chelsie, you sound so much like I used to be. I would get up with Jim at 6 then when he left I'd go back to bed till 9 or 10. By then I say its too late to start something this morning then leave for the gym at 12. I got nothing accomplished. For the last year or so I set the alarm for 7 and get to a 8:30 exercise class. By the time I get home I have the whole afternoon for projects. And I feel better.
One thing that is kind of difficult on Core is eating out. I would suggest that you find something that is portable and pack it for your lunch when you are away from home. I usually do PB2 and sandwich thins, but have done grain salads also.
I'm a little achy today. Yesterday after driving for 4 hours to get to our friend's father's funeral they had a reception in Albany. Where she lives is in a townhouse in old downtown. Parking in all on the street. They knew that there wouldn't be parking for all of us so we parked in a church parking lot which was 6 blocks from the home. The sidewalks were very uneven and I managed to fall. Scraped my knee, not too bad, but this morning my hip and shoulder are aching and stiff. I'm getting too old to keep doing this. I can fall over spots that others don't even notice. It's a good thing I have strong bones or I would have broken many over the years. The sad part was that Jim was holding my arm to make sure I didn't fall and I did it anyway. Oh well. Decided not to go to the gym this morning, maybe I'll stretch on the stability ball later and get some of the kinks out.
Didn't do too bad eating yesterday. We stopped at Subway for lunch so no problem there. At the reception had lettuce salad, fresh fruit, shrimp and then a couple pieces of ham and turkey. Decided to blow a couple points and had one cookie. But I passed up the cream puffs and eclairs. Jim ate my share.
Sorry, didn't mean to write a book

Have a great day


Re: Daily Commitment 3.25

Patty, I hope you mend quickly! Good thing your bones are strong. You are right - that could have been really bad!

Chelsie, I get up at 5:30a every morning. That way I get my exercise out of the way and can tackle chores. If need be, I will take a short nap in the afternoon to make up for it. That way I get an early start on my day and don't feel like I wasted it all sleeping.

I am OP today. The kids and I ran errands and I went to the chiropractor.

Tonight is date night for Scott and me! yay!

Re: Daily Commitment 3.25

HEY, EVERYONE!!! Finally back from the camping trip with the kids and grandkids and friends. It was nice, but cold most of the time and also rainy off and on. We did manage to have a couple of good sunny days with 70 temps. There were severe thunderstorms late yesterday, but we were prepared and had our awning down and everything outside already packed up. It didn't take a lot to do to finish packing and head home this a.m. We go to a river only 45 minutes from here, so that makes for a "good, short trip".

I was OP for the most part while gone. There were a couple of times I sort of got the munchies! Yesterday was one of them while it was storming and I was reading a book. Managed to have a free hand in to the box of puffed club crackers!!!! It's back total OP today, though!

I will read all the older posts a little later and catch up on what's been going on with everyone. Hope you've all been doing good.