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Daily commitment 3/26

Good morning. Where has this month gone. It seems like it was just the beginning of March and now it is almost April. Guess when you get old the time goes faster.
I'm off to WW in a few minutes. If my scale is right I'm up 3 pounds. I've been up and down about 3 pounds all week. Not sure what is going on. I know that not exercising is part of the problem. I'm still a little stiff from my fall but hope to get back to the gym tomorrow.
I've eaten well this week and I think I haven't overeaten portions so guess I'll focus on my clothes that fit and not get crazy about the scale. (That's easier said than done).
Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 3/26

Good morning All. Well I didnt make it up at 600 this morning. I didnt sleep very well last night so I got up at 7 instead. Cants say I got much more sleep but I am functional.

Survived my first simply filling day and only had to count .5 of a point for my pb two in my oatmeal. Wrote a quick overveiw of my points at the end of the day to see how I faired and I was only a couple of points over. so I was happy with that. I caught myself many times yesterday reaching for the BLT's. Just out of habit of knowing I can have them. I hope core is a sucessfull program for me but I think the best thing I might get out of it is remembering not to take those blt's.

Pat I totally understand the going up and down on the scale thing. I am up another pound this week. I know mine cant be muscle weight. But I do know that if we get discouraged and go off track it is not going to make it better. I love your positive attitude when things get rough sure does encourage me. By the way hope u feel better soon.

Uki hope that date night was a success. I told my DH we need to start doing that to.

Off to the grocery store

Re: Daily commitment 3/26

Morning all! I finally drug myself out of bed at 8:15. My bed sure felt much better than the one in our camper!

Today will be another OP day for me. Have to run to the grocery for a few things later on. I'm out of some of my "favorites".

Our spring weather is making me want to get outside and work, but it's too wet to do anything! Rained again last night and more rain for the next three or so days! Everything is getting greener, though, and so pretty, so I shouldn't complain. The work will still be there for sure...and then some!

Hope everyone has a great OP day!

Re: Daily commitment 3/26

Pat, the scale is jut a number and it is affected by so many things! If you are eating right and exercising and your clothes are fitting fine. You are doing well!

Chelsie, date night is the best! We really don't do anything amazing and often we eat fast food places or some place we have a coupon. It is the whole idea of getting out just the 2 of us that matters. It helps us to reconnect.

Welcome home, Diane!! You own bed is going to feel sooooooo good. :)

I am OP. I got the trainer done and ran errands with the kids. Wes wants to go to the library, so that is our next venture.

Have a great WW day!

Re: Daily commitment 3/26

Good morning all! Sorry I haven't been on to post lately. We have been really busy at home and I was sick yesterday. I'm feeling a little bit better today. Not 100% though.
We started working on our kitchen last weekend. I got all of the walls & cabinets painted. We purchased the floor, but haven't put it in yet. That will be the project for this weekend. Then all that will be left is the trim. I can't wait until it is done. What a big project (and a pain in the rear)!
DH got a job! He started today. I hope he likes it. He has good hours (6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.).
Other than that, nothing much else is going on in my world. Hope you all have a good OP day.

Re: Daily commitment 3/26

Brooke, what great news that your hubby has a job. That must be a relief.
My weigh in was as expected. I was up 3.4 I'm really not sure what is going on but did lots less exercise this week. I'll try to stay with the exercise this upcoming week and watch my portions and see what happens. Today at our meeting our leader was a nervous wreck. Her boss and her boss'boss'boss were there evaluating her. She is a wonderful leader and she did a good job but we all know how awful it is to be reviewed. We all did our part and had lots of feed back to her questions.
Have a great night