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Daily commitment 3/28 Saturday

Good morning. Not much going on here today. Jim is off for the day to a Habitat for Humanity info. meeting. We are looking for families for a couple houses that are being built. Jim is on the board so has to be there to answer questions. I'll probably be in the sewing room. I have a couple purse patterns that I want to try. Don't know what I'll do for food today. Jim will have pizza for supper. I've got a new recipe for black bean soup that I might make. Haven't tried to exercise yet today. After he leaves I'll get out my resistance bands and DVD and give it a try. Probably won't be able to do the whole program because of my hip.
Everyone have a great day.


Re: Daily commitment 3/28 Saturday

Good morning everyone! Sorry I have not been around much...just swamped....between work, and family. I am doing ok OP these days, just trying to take it one step at a time. Have a good weekend everyone, Maajida

Re: Daily commitment 3/28 Saturday

Hello, just dropped in to say that I am op today. Staying busy being lazy!! Had jujitsu this morning. That was a good workout. Then came home ate dinner and now we are just lounging watching movies

have a great weekend

Re: Daily commitment 3/28 Saturday

Just a quick hello from me too. I am OP today and headed for bed!