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Daily Commitment 3/27

Good morning eveyone. hope u are all doing well.

today we have church and sunday school and then another day of doing what ever. It is supposed to hit 50 degrees today before we get 6 inches of snow tomorrow so I will try get outside as much as possible. Got a few movies I might watch with my girls unil then

Food has been going okay I find myself having maybe 1pt a day that isnt filling foods. But I weighed myself this morning as my half way point through the week and I have lost a little. Normally I have a gain. Saturday nights are just hard for me for some reason and I usually go off plan. But I did okay last night. so that game me a smile this morning.

Well better go get ready

have a great day
op for me

Re: Daily Commitment 3/27

Chels, sounds like you are doing well with the filling foods. Keep up the good work.
I've had a weird day. Went to church then when I was fixing lunch a smelled something electrical and hot. Thought it was from the frig so we pulled it out and unplugged it, trying to decide what to do next. Then as I walked toward the laundry room the smell got worse. Decided it was the washer and not the frig that I was smelling. The washer is our oldest appliance, over 20 years, so guess we will just replace it. It's been sounding like it has problems for a few weeks. I would love to get a front loader but our room isn't set up for one.
Food has been going good. Made a big pot of black bean soup last night so had some of that for lunch. Made cube steak with a gravy of cream of mushroom soup, onion and can of mushrooms. Served over mashed potatoes and had green beans. Needed comfort food tonight.
Hope everyone had a great day and a good tomorrow.