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Daily commitment 3/30

Good morning. BRRRR its cold outside. Yesterday 60 today snow. I love Spring. My daffodils look like they are close to opening. They may freeze their petals off.
Taking friends to the airport this AM so will hit the gym on the way home. May stop at the mall also. Still looking for a dress or skirt for Easter. Need something to say Spring.
Not sure what I'll fix for supper tonight but know that it will be OP.
Hope you all have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 3/30

good morning everyone. today I get 2 babsit my god kids 2 day one is 2 and the other just a month I love babies. tonight will probley end up just sitting around we are supposed 2 get a winter storm. 6 inches maybe!

/food is going okay I need 2 find some recipies 2 day.

op for me


Re: Daily commitment 3/30

Hello all. Hope you all had a great weekend. We got the kitchen floor put in this weekend. All that is left now is the trim and it will finally be done. We plan on doing that next weekend.

I am trying to win concert tickets from a local radio station. In order to win, my kids have to have the highest number of votes, so if you could all do me a huge favor and take a second to go to their website, http://www.thenewmix.com/stationevent.php?ID=539 and vot for my kids (they are kid #3), I would greatly appreciate it. Today is the final day of voting and then tomorrow morning they pick the winner. I will let you know the results as soon as I find out.

I have really gotten off track lately since everything happened at home. I finally decided that since we are settled back in at home and I have my appliances back in place in the kitchen and can cook, that it is time to get the ball rolling again. I started journaling today. I went to weigh this morning on my scale and it wouldn't turn on. Don't know if that's a bad sign or not, but we had planned on getting a new scale anyway. Guess we will be getting one today!

Re: Daily commitment 3/30

I am actually checking in before the end of the day! LOL

We had a fine weekend and it was all OP. The gang is back to school today and life returns to normal around the house. I got a fair amount of chores done yesterday, so I am not swamped today.

I exercised already and meals are all planned.

Sounds like everyone is keeping busy too! Have a great day.