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question on serving sizes

question-- For filling foods. How much is 1 serving of potatoe? 3 or 7 oz? Same question for pasta and rice, do u just go by the serving size on the box?

Re: question on serving sizes

Hi chelsie

A potato the size of a light bulb (sm to med)

I still measure I use 1/2 cup to 1 cup pasta cooked.
but I usually don't finish it all.

I put a portion on my plate, eat half and then sit back and assess the feeling in my stomach, usually I'm done at that point...

Use a smaller plate, and take your time eating.

Week 6 of the new momentum program explains it all on Filling Foods, aka Simply Filling Technique,
aka: core....

Re: question on serving sizes

Chelsie, if you are doing the Simply Filling Technique (Core) you don't have to measure anything. You eat to satisfaction. If it is not a filling food you would have to measure to figure out points.
Toby is right about taking a small amount and then assessing your satisfaction level.
I still struggle with the old thoughts that I need to clean my plate.


Re: question on serving sizes

Thanks Guys!!