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Daily commitment 3/31

Wow, the last day of March. Maybe the weather will start acting like spring soon.
No gym for me today. I'll do the resistance bands DVD instead. The big project for today is shopping for a new washer.
Food is doing OK but my weight seems to have stalled. Guess I'll just "keep on keeping on" until something breaks again and I start losing.
Went dress shopping yesterday and tried on a couple but they weren't what I'm looking for. A 14 petite fit perfectly. I still had the feeling that someone was going to come up to me and ask what I was doing in that department. Then they would direct me to the plus sizes. Wonder if I'll ever get over that feeling.
Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 3/31

I am OP today as well. I have exercised and am good to go for the day. I was supposed to meet my mom for lunch but I cancelled to have a quiet day here to get things done. This week is really busy and I need a day here at home.

I am loving seeing everyone's updates on Facebook!!

Re: Daily commitment 3/31

Good Afternoon everyone. Just got back from visiting a friend. She wanted to have frozen pizza at her house but I asked if we could go to hyvee deli where I could have some chicken and veggies instead. So that is what we did. Disaster diverted!

tonight we have jujitsu where I hope to get the last stripe of my white belt and then we will test out on everything soon for our Yellow belts!

So I am off to boil some eggs for a salad for supper

Have a great night everyone
op for me