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Daily Commitment 4/1

Happy April Fools day!! Uki that was a good one with the food coloring!

Well we made it through yesterday with only a dusting of snow. I am grateful not to have the 6 inches that could of happened. Spent yesterday with a friend it was good to get out of town and just sit and talk with some good coffee.

Today I will go weigh in after preschool hour at the library and then off to work in DD school for the afternoon. I recently found out their secretary is retiring if it doesnt get hired in house I might apply for it and see what happens. The thought of not having to drive every morning and stand on a production line is appealing. Well have to see what happens.

Got dinner and supper planned for tonight and then off to my ww meeting.

have a great day

op for me

Re: Daily Commitment 4/1

Happy april fool's day everyone! My mom played a really cruel joke on me this morning and emailed and said that she was pregnant! She really had me going for a while until I remembered that my stepdad had a vascectomy, then she tried to tell me it wasn't his baby, but I knew better than that!
DH and I bought a Wii and Wii Fit on Monday and I love it!!! I was going to buy a treadmill, but decided that if we got the Wii, everyone could use it and there are a lot more activities on it. The hula hooping cracks me up! It really does give you a good workout though!
MY DS was sick yesterday so I ended up staying home with him and taking him to the doctor. The medicine is really helping. He woke up in a much better state this morning than he was yesterday.
I'm OP for today and plan to stay that way.

Re: Daily Commitment 4/1

Good afternoon. Home from the gym where I did my own "last chance workout" (can you tell I'm watching last night's Biggest Loser?) Did my usual 60 minutes of water aerobics and then 25 minutes on the elliptical machine. I was working so hard that I had sweat dripping off my face and my shirt was soaked. Sure hope it shows on the scale tomorrow. Even if I just lose what I gained last week I'll be happy. Went to the chiropractor and got myself adjusted. I twisted the wrong way when exercising and needed to get back in shape. Now I'm good for another month.
Hope everyone is having a great day. I was wondering where everyone is and then Uki said something about facebook. Guess everyone is over there. I never remember to check that out.


Re: Daily Commitment 4/1

Hi Everyone, I haven't posted in awhile. I haven't been doing so good but getting back on track.

I took my dog to the vet because she's been drinking a lot of water and having to go outside in the middle of the night 1 to 2 times (very unusual for her). I had them test for diabetes but it came back normal. She did have a temp of 103 (a normal reading for a dog is 101.5). She's been coughing and goopy eyes. Come to find out she has a kidney infection. They gave me a 10 day supply of pills ($90) that are supposed to be a really good strong antibiotic, (better be for that price). It's just like having a child.

Hope everyone is doing good. I've even started a 30 day exercise challenge with my DS and DIL, ought to be interesting since I don't like exercise.


Re: Daily Commitment 4/1

Hi everyone....like Laura, I too haven't been doing so good and am back on track...I just hate these periods of struggle...so much useless backtracking just to get back to where we were before the times of struggle...but I refuse to give up and part of the times when I do better is coming here to check in and make this committment. You'll see me here more often. Take care everyone...I loved reading all your April Fool's Day posts and let's hang in there together, Laura. Let us know how your challenge goes...Maajida