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Diane - Smoked Cabbage

Hi Diane, I saw the picture you posted of smoked cabbage on fb. Could you post the recipe? Thanks.

Re: Diane - Smoked Cabbage

Sorry so long in getting on here to post the recipe. It has been rather hectic at my house.

"Smoked Cabbage"

Take a large, well rounded cabbage, turn upside down (core end) and cut a round, slightly angled piece out resembling a lid that can be set back on top as a cover. Then chop and cut a cylinder shape inside the middle of the cabbage, but only a few inches deep and not all the way to the bottom (about the size of a small tomato paste can! LOL! This is hard to describe without pictures!) Then alternately fill the open space with chopped ham, onion, celery, salt and pepper, pat of margarine or spray butter, then pour Italian dresssing over that and repeat with more of the same if you still have room. I use a fork to make sure the dressing is flowing down through all ingredients. When filled, place "lid" back on top and place cabbage, lid side up, on heavy-duty aluminum foil. Pull up on all sides making sure cabbage is completely covered with foil. Place on ring stand (can make circle with foil) to keep cabbage from turning over. Place on smoker and cook for 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Doneness always depends on the firmness of the cabbage in the beginning. Sometimes it is more tender than others! We all love it. It can also be done in the oven, but I don't know how long it would take. I love cabbage fixed any way, but this is the absolute BEST, by far!!!

Hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, just post me. The picture is on FB under my March photos.

Re: Diane - Smoked Cabbage

Thank you Diane. I can't wait to try it, the picture looked really good.

Re: Diane - Smoked Cabbage

Hi Diane,
I finally tried your cabbage last night. We are going to try it again on the smoker. We liked the flavors but it needed to cook longer. I baked it for about 2 hours in the oven.