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Daily commitment 4/3

Wow, where is everyone? I'm back from the gym and now ready to use my new washer which was delivered this AM. I'll probably be washing for 2 days to catch up. How 2 people can use so many clothes is beyond me.
I'm having a lunch of spicy black bean soup. It is really good. When I made it it made a huge pot, but I've managed to eat most of it this week. Have fish thawing for supper tonight.
Hope you are all busy having a great day.


Re: Daily commitment 4/3

Hello, all. Checking kinda late. Been really busy all day. Finally kicked my but in gear and got all my kids spring/summer clothes in their drawers. Went through their winter ones at the same time and if I thought they would fit i put them in one box and the other clothes are in a labled box for consignment for fall already. Got all my laundry, dishes and picking up done.

My Dh doesnt work friday afternoon due to reduced hours so we went for a 2 mile walk and then 4 mile bike ride. We are supposed to get up to 10 inches of snow on Sunday so I wanted to get out as much as I can today.

Got supper in the crockpot and some new Karen Kingsbury books. All I need is some popcorn and my night is set.

Hope to see you all post today

Pat, if u get a minute sometime would you mind posting your black bean soup recipie?

Have a great day
op for me


Re: Daily commitment 4/3

Checking in late. OP today and gonna have ice cream and watch the DVR'd version of ER.