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Daily Commitment 4/4

Good morning. It is cold, windy and raining turning to snow. Think I'll stay inside and sew. Have to finish the laundry. I love my new washer.
On the food front I'm doing OK. Today is Jim's pizza day. I'm thinking mac and cheese with tuna tonight. Nobody likes it but me but it is one of my childhood comfort foods. I can't make it as good as my mom (Velvetta and cream sauce) but it's pretty good with fat free cheese and whole wheat pasta.
Don't know what was up yesterday but it was like I couldn't get full. Didn't do bad using weekly points but used a few. Guess my body needed something.
Have a great weekend.


Re: Daily Commitment 4/4

Hello, finally a minute to sit today. Been running all over nw iowa today. Had jujitsu this morning, then off to do a little shopping for bridal shower gifts, bday gifts, and shoes for all the girls for the wedding. When you have three kids it takes a while.

Did okay op wise used a few points at sams clubs on the free samples but what a way to have cheese cake, just the smallest little piece! I had a salad for dinner and oatmeal for supper and now its popcorn for a movie with me and Dh and our middle daughter. oldest is sleeping after being up all night last night at a girlscout sleep over. and youngest is at a sleepover bday party so it is nice just to spend time with one of them at a time sometimes.

I stocked up on meat at sams club, loved the prices. Well have go there from now on for the meat.

Well I'm off to the movies

Op for me
take care