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Daily commitment 4/5

Good morning on this sunny Palm Sunday. We're off to church in a few minutes. Have to go grocery shopping after church. Will be gone all day on Monday and Tuesday so need to get food to put in the crockpot. I'll make beef stew tomorrow and a new recipe for Thai chicken thighs on Tuesday.
The next 2 months are going to be challenging to my weight loss. When I work I'll be sitting for 9 hours a day not counting the driving which some days will be 1 1/2 hrs each way. Not oly don't I get to exercise those days but I have to figure out food that can be packed in a lunchbox. The week after Easter I'll be gone overnight for 2 days. Oh well, I'll do the best that I can and it will only be for a short stretch of time. I think I have enough history in my brain that I'll be able to make good choices.
Have a great OP day


Re: Daily commitment 4/5

good morning all, Pat what do you do that you have to sit for 9 hours? and that is quite a drive to make everyday. Hope you come up with enough recipies. i know whenever I go away i usually pack a salad but I couldnt have one everyday.

today I dont have anything planned. I will not be going to church because one of my kids is sick. Just looked out side and I dont think we got a foot of snow but maybe 6 inches so far. I will have to watch the weather to see if more is coming. I think we are still in a blizzard warning.

Just going to relax and play with the kiddos today. Maybe a small nap.

off to make my coffee
have a great sunday


Re: Daily commitment 4/5

Good morning, Patty and Chelsie and everyone...sorry I've not been consistent in posting lately and the inconsistency has been reflected in my OP efforts too...just really been struggling lately and so anxious to come back here and have that consistency here be reflected in a positive way in what I do OP wise. Wow, those crockpot recipes sound delicious. And I can relate to working so much that it can impact our OP efforts UNLESS we plan well ahead of time...I think that is key. I end up eating breakfast and lunch at work, and it works best if I can pack up the night before, so that I am not at the mercy of ordering out or yielding to the temptations that are always on the table in our staff room at work. Maybe we could start a thread about lunches and breakfasts to go, that would help many of us with these issues. Take care everyone, hope it's a good OP happy and healthy week coming up. Sincerely, Maajida

Re: Daily commitment 4/5

Good Morning, Everyone!!! It is so good to finally have a little time that I can get back on here to post! What a week last week! My kids gave my husband and I a "surprise" 40th anniversary party, inviting friends, family, etc. last Saturday (the 28th). Two of my sisters from out of state and some of their family members came, as well as, my daughter and two children from Florida. One of the sisters and her daughter stayed at our home Sat, Sun, and left out Monday. We also had a nephew from TN come out and also stayed Saturday night at our house. Then, Sunday morning our daughter and two children moved in and stayed until this past Friday morning!!!

Where did my OP days go.........down the tube for the most part!! I had had a struggle the week before while camping, then the surprise, excitement, CAKE, and all kind of surprise "stuff" just made me go sort of "beserk". I haven't had time to think about myself hardly because so much was going on and "extra" people here to feed, etc. When I'm in charge and have planned ahead, that's one thing, but to have a week's worth of surprises sort of threw me off! That's why I haven't been on here posting....'cause I was BAD!! LOL! Oh, in among all of this, I kept the baby (almost 6 months} two different nights and days while the sitter had other plans. You would think I didn't have time to eat! LOL!!!! RIGHT!!

I'm trying to get back on the horse this a.m. Went to early Sunday School, but didn't stay for church. Came in and made me a veggie omelet, so I'm off to a good start!

Pat, is it time for your craft shows to start? Is that what keeps you sitting for 9 hours. Pack you some good "snackies" and keep your hands busy with something!!

Chelsie, do you ever get tired of the snow? LOL! That was a dumb question! Surely spring will arrive one day soon for you! Hope your child is better soon, too.

Maaj, I agree with you on the posting. Last week, I was so busy and couldn't get away to the computer and if I did, there was always someone near by needing something. I feel more accountable to being OP when I can get on here and post. It does my mind good!! I like the idea of posting meals, too. We did for a while, but have gotten out of the habit. Any ideas we can share with one another is good support, I think!

Have a good Sunday, OP day!!! Wow, I've missed this!

Re: Daily commitment 4/5

First, Diane Happy Anniversary. You are about 1 1/2 years ahead of us. It is hard when you have so many people under foot. Jump back on the wagon and we'll all help each other. Don't think of yourself as bad. You just didn't make the wisest decisions. We can all learn from experiences.
It's not quite time for craft shows yet. Although I made 2 bags to order for women at Weight Watchers. What has me sitting for so long is that we are doing health screenings for the employees of a large grocery store chain. Each store we have to be there at 8 AM and work till 1 then have from 1-2 off (if there is no backlog of people in line). Then work from 2-6. Most of the stores are 1 - 1 1/2 hrs from my house. I'm only working 2-3 days each week. We are supposed to be done the end of May. Sounds worse than it really is. As long as we are busy I don't mind the long hours. If it is slow I hate it.
Maajida, you are right about planning ahead for meals away. Even though I'll be at a grocery store there is a limit to what I can get that is Core. So I will take a PB2 sandwich on sandwich thin, cottage cheese and pineapple, leftovers to heat in the micro. or a grain salad. For breakfast I've been known to take my shredded wheat in a covered bowl with s container of milk and eat when I get there. I've also made oatmeal and put it in a Thermos to eat later.
Chelsie, please keep all the snow there. It is predicted for tomorrow night and Tuesday.
Take care,


Re: Daily commitment 4/5

Late, late, late, that is me!! I have been here, just busy. Scott is on break this next week, but the kids have school, so we are going to spend lots of quality time just the 2 of us!

we mystery dined last night and tonight, but I felt I made great choices. It feels good to be able to eat out and still eat well and not leave feeling like a stuffed turkey.

Huge to all of you!