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Re: Ideas needed for portable breakfasts & lunches.....

I am going to sound like a broken record, but for breakfast I love my waffles and PB2. You can toast the waffle and put the PB2 on it, wrap in foil or a napkin and eat in the car. :) You can do the same thing with an english muffin, slice of canadian bacon, and a scrambled egg beater. FF cheese is a nice touch too.

Hope that helps a bit!

Re: Ideas needed for portable breakfasts & lunches.....

yogurt with kashi go lean crunch
ww smoothie
flavored shredded wheat-I used to eat it dry for a snack
pb and J
instant oatmeal

I am on Filling foods now so my selection is a little more limited but here is what I used to have,

Ham and cheese on 1 pt bun
pb and j
left overs
smart ones
fruit and yogurt
always had carrots with everymeal it just gave me that crunch and helped fill me up.

I'll post more as I think of them

Re: Ideas needed for portable breakfasts & lunches.....

Breakfast or snack: 1 Tbsp. peanut butter heated in the microwave for 20 to 25 seconds to soften and mix in Fiber One cereal. Very filling and good for those of us that love pb.
I eat frozen dinners almost every day at work and I add a cup of veggies to them and have a slice of Nature's Own double fiber bread. It makes it much more filling without adding any points.
I'm really, really getting tired of the frozen dinners so I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's ideas for lunch.