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Daily Commitment 4/6

Wow! I am the first one to post? LOL

Good morning and happy Monday everyone. Scott is on break this week, so we are off to buy Easter basket supplies for the kids and to explore an antique mall. No buying, just looking. LOL

I have exercised and planned meals for today. Got to get the kids off to school.

Have a great OP day!

Re: Daily Commitment 4/6

Good morning everyone. Well I am up and getting kids off to school this am. After that I plan to induldge in a book I have been reading for a little while. I cannot eat until 1230 today due to a health screening I have to have done at my work. I would have schelduled it earlier but dh wanted to go have one done to. We get $15 dollars off of our insurance a month when we get one done annually. I would get mine done anyway but that is an added plus. I ate a bowl of oatmeal before bed to try help with the hunger this morning. So far its working. After that and a bite to eat we will go shopping to get him some clothes for his sisters wedding in June.

Pat, I now remember that you did these health screenings. It is amazing what you can forget. hope all goes well in those grocery stores. I hope they dont make samples all day long so you have to smell them!!!

Diane, weve all been there just keep looking forward. It is hard to be in control, when that many people suddenly pop into your life. Hope you had a great anniversary.

Everyone have a great day
op for me

Re: Daily Commitment 4/6

Good morning, everyone....I plan to be OP and feel like I am digging myself out of a deep dark hole to come back into the light and how much better I feel when OP. I know consistency is the key as I work myself back into a healthy eating and workout routine....have cut alot of stuff from my schedule as I work to get stronger this week and I know that when I overschedule, it impacts my OP efforts. So here's to a happy and healthy week for all. Maajida

Re: Re: Daily Commitment 4/6

Good afternoon ladies. Hope you all had a great weekend. Now its back to the grind! I really do not like Monday's!!! I don't know what the deal has been lately, but I have just been in a funk with this weight loss thing. I'm trying to get back on track starting today but it is so hard once you get off track to get back on. I have done good so far today but the evenings are the worst time for me. I bought a new bathing suit yesterday but I refuse to wear it until I lose at least 15 more pounds. If anyone has any suggestions on getting back on track, I am all for hearing them!

Re: Re: Re: Daily Commitment 4/6

Brooke, I started eating Just Filling Foods. It really helped me stop grabbing a little here , or a little there. I had given myself too much freedom with counting points and had gained 3 weeks in a row because I was snacking too much. I eat the same portion sizes as if I was doing points I just dont stress so much over it anymore. I have my snacks at the same time and if I really need something and I'm not that hungry I still allow myself a piece of fruit to calm that craving. I believe getting all of the sugars out of my system has made me want the processed food less.
Dont know if I will stick with it forever but for right now it feels like the right thing to be doing.

Hope that helps


Re: Re: Re: Re: Daily Commitment 4/6

Whoa, what happened. I didn't get here before work today and now the look has changed.
Had a good day at work except it was slow. Not a lot of the workers came in to get screened. I took my lunch with me so wasn't tempted by all the great prepared foods that the store had. The stew in the crockpot was great for supper. I love having it ready to put on the table when I walk in the door. Tomorrow is Thai chicken in the crockpot.
Sounds like everyone is having a good day.