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Re: Daily commitment 4/7

Hello everyone. Well the snow is quickly melting here and I expect it will probley be gone by the end of the day today since it will hit 56 today. THe rest of the week looks just as nice. Cant wait to get walking outside again.

Had my health screening yesterday and I was suprised to find that my cholesteral was up not terribly but higher than the past three years. Need to find out what is causing that and nip it in the bud. My weight was up as was my body fat so just a nice little reminder of where I was in my ww journey last year compared with today. Health screenings were a month and a half earlier than last year so maybe I can get a little closer before that date. Gotta have something to shoot for.

Dont have to much going on today so I am going to try and really concentrate on my eating and listening to my body. Alot of times I get so busy that I just eat something quick because I dont know if I will get a chance to later. I started this morning with almost making a double the amount of oatmeal I normally make It had been slowly increasing over the week so this morning I nipped that in the butt. Well see how the rest of the day goes. hope you all have a great Tuesday

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