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Daily commitment 4/8

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!! Dont know why but I am in an incredibley good mood this morning. Got up and have all the normal chores done. Planning on reading the rest of my Karen Kisbury novel after I write this and then off to do the daily wensday running of kids everywhere.

i do go weigh in today and I am expecting a loss so maybe that is why!!

Tested out for my yellow belt last night in jujitsu I think I did pretty good so we will find out next week if I passes.

Well I have my meals planned out and I am going to work in DD school this afternoon. We have heard some disapointing new with the school districts though. Due to budget cuts they are cutting art and pe in half and eliminating a few teachers I believe. the two jobs I was hoping to apply for are also going to probley be unavailaible. Two aids are getting cut so no hiring for that, and the secretary position is going to be absorbed and not filled again as well. Kinda disapointing.

Lets hope this ecomonomy turns around quickly

op for me

Re: Daily commitment 4/8

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all having a good OP day! I think I have finally gotten out of my funk. I have been back OP since I started back on Monday. I even took the dog for a walk last night after work. He has quite a bit of weight to lose too.
It is supposed to be a gorgeous day out today so I am hoping to take DS outside to play after work before dinner tonight. Other than that, not much new to report. Have a great day!

Re: Daily commitment 4/8

Chelsie and Brooks, sounds like you are both doing great. I finally got to the pool this morning. Had a meeting later so didn't get to do the treadmill. Won't get back to the pool till next Wed. so will have to do some DVD exercising during the week. I'll be out of town for work on Friday, Monday and Tues. Jim is going to visit his folks in Ohio on Friday and stay till Mon. or Tues. I'll have a couple days (Sat. and Sun) to only take care of myself. I can eat all the fish and broccoli that I want without him making a face.
Tomorrow is WW. Right now I'm watching Biggest Loser from last night. Can't believe how they gave into the temptations. I like to think that I would resist but who knows.

Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 4/8

Hey everyone, went to my meeting and weighed in and I lost 2 lbs!! YEAH, Good feeling. Here's to another week of simpley filling!!


Re: Daily commitment 4/8