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Re: Do you say only alot?

Interesting that you post this today. Just yesterday I was talking with a group of quilters. We were discussing our habit of pointing out our mistakes. When someone gives us a compliment we are quick to say yes But I made a mistake here or I chose the wrong color fabrics or that seam is crooked. It's the same way with us. If someone gives you a compliment on your weight loss do you say "Well, it's taken me 2 years"? instead of Thank You or I've stuck with the program for 2 years. We are our harshest critics.


Re: Do you say only alot?

Chels, Thanks for the positive ideas. I think we ALL do this more than we realize. Just last night we were talking about WW and I said I had been lifetime for a little over year but it took me a really long time to lose 75 lbs. When I was reading your post I thought about what I said totally different. I shouldn't focus on how long it took to lose it, just that I did lose it.