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Daily commitment 4/9.

Good morning. Hope everyone is having a good day. Seems like we've lost most of our group. You are all missed. I will still continue to post as a way of keeping myself in line.
Today is WW. Don't expect much of a loss. But just like this board I will continue to go to meetings just like an alcoholic goes to AA meetings even when they aren't drinking.
Well, that is out of my system.
No big plans today except to get the laundry done so that Jim has clean clothes to pack for his visit to his folks. It was funny last night when he called his Mom to ask if it was OK that he comes. One of the first things she started to worry about was what would she cook. It all comes back to food for all of us.
I've been doing OK with my meal plans but the weight seems stuck on me. May have to rethink my meals for a few weeks. I have to remember that even filling foods have calories. I have a tendency to think that filling foods are magic.
Well, have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 4/9.

I'm still here reading posts everyday but not posting myself. It's just hard when you feel like you don't have the control anymore. I get so frustrated with myself wondering how come everyone else can do it and I keep messing up. I have started exercising but I just can't get the food under control. I know if I just get one day of eating good it will help me the next day and so on. I just want to scream .


Re: Daily commitment 4/9.

good morning everyone, good luck with weigh in today Pat. I agree about the meetings I need them , I always walk away motivated for the week ahead.

Laura, good to see you post,Great for you that you have been able to keep exercising. Too often when I eat to much is when I dont because I figure it didnt matter. At least those were my old ways. Remember it is so hard to change everything at once so once you have your exersice down then work on the eating or vise versa. Replace all your snacks in a day with fruits and veggies. once you got that then move on to one of your meals till you get them all covered. Small steps still cover the same distance, it just takes a little longer.

I have alot of cleaning planned for today. We have a busy Easter Weekend planned with the kids out of school for 4 days. So I want to get all my weekend cleaning done today so I dont have to worry about it. Tommorow we have a wedding, with dinner at a steakhouse, Wonderful salad bar though so I should be okay. Saturday is a bridal shower (pampered chef) so I am not sure what will be served but I will make the best choices possible. Sunday we are headed to my dads for Easter, he called and said he was cooking pork loin which made me very happy, I am going to make some sweetpotatoes and bring them along.

Hope to see a bunch of you back posting soon.

op for me

Re: Daily commitment 4/9.

WOW! New format! I didn't know what was going on! I've missed being on here for the last few days! Got a call Sunday after lunch with my son needing me to come stay with the grandbaby for three days! Of course, that was a hard decision to make! LOL! It was easier for me to stay with them than have to get up each morning so early to get ahead of traffic. I got to have a "mini-vacation" of sorts! LOL! RIGHT! I got home last night and REALLY slept in this a.m.!

Foodwise went better with them than it does sometimes at home! I took a few things with me that I would need, so I did really good being OP. My son and wife are trying to eat healthier and he fixed a wonderful meal Monday night that was only 8 points. They do WW, too, for the most part!

It's good to be back home, though, and I have to make a run to the grocery store sometime today. I am out of yogurt, fresh veggies, egg substitute, etc. I need to make a menu plan first, though!

I've missed being able to post. I like being accountable and seeing how everyone else is dealing with the struggles, etc. of our journey together!

Hope you all have a blessed day!!

Re: Daily commitment 4/9.

Hi Ladies, I am here too! I visit the board daily, I just don't post very often. I enjoy reading the posts and benefit from the information everyone shares. I have also noticed less people on here and I will try to participate more. Thanks everyone. Laura, I am the opposite of you. I can usually keep on track with eating but I'm too lazy to exercise. I keep saying I'm going to start one day but that day never comes. Patty I compare my WW meeting to AA too, an addiction is an addiction.

Re: Daily commitment 4/9.

Good to "see" you all. Diane, sounds like you have a great time with your grandkids. At first I thought what a women being able to stay on track away from home that long, but then I thought, I do better when I stay extremely busy too and I am sure you were!!

Laura, hope your day is going better today, thinking of you.

Becky great to see you

Well I better get my breakfast in

take care