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Daily commitment 4/10

It really is morning. Jim decided he wanted to get up at 5 and leave at 5:30 for Ohio. I had planned on getting up about 5:45 since I have to leave at 6:30 for my 1 1/2 hr. drive to Syracuse for work. Have to work till 6PM and then drive back. I can't believe how my body has changed over the years. I used to sleep till 10 or 11 every morning. Now I wake up on my own about 6:30 or so. Guess that's what happens when you get old.
My weigh in was good yesterday. Lost 1 pound. I'm going to try to stay off my home scale this week. Usually WW is 3 pounds more than mine, but yesterday WW was less than mine.
I've got my lunch and snacks all packed for today. Have chicken with a lettuce salad, an orange, grapes and cottage cheese with pineapple. Probably too much but it will be a long time sitting and may need a snack often. I'd rather have too much than be starving and not able to get something.
Well, hope you all have a great day.


Re: Daily commitment 4/10

Pat Congrats on the loss!! I too cant sleep in anymore, although I dont get up quite that early, usually 7 or 8.

Good Morning everyone. I am up as well as all my kids and a few others. Dont ya love sleep overs!!

today I am around the house this morning, need to get my excercise in early due to an easter egg hunt this afternoon. Tonight me and Dh have a wedding. We are actually looking most forward going out to dinner together. doesnt happen to often that we get to go to the steakhouse!!

Got a little of track yesterday. Had just got done eating dinner when my sister in law came over with a few sugar cookies she had made to sell at work, (these are like 1/2 inch high really really soft homemade icing sugar cookies) She said she brough me only 1 per person and didnt tell me about the fundraiser for american cancer society because she knew I wouldnt be able to resist the cookies!! What a sweet heart she knows me too well. So I made a donation anyway. But I did have the cookie, but just one. Later on I had made my amish frienship bread and a small piece looked so good with coffee. so that happend to. But I got myself back on track and went walking to get my kids from school, then walking on the treadmill, and then I walked outside when DH got home. I had to get outside for a while. Ate a light supper and watched Southland.

So the other loaf of Friendship bread is in the freezer, I am hoping to make enough to give away as gifts for mothers, and grandmothers day.
Today will be much better

have a great day everyone
op for me


Re: Daily commitment 4/10

Congratulations on your loss Patty. I agree with you on taking your food. I would much rather have more low point snacks than I may want or need to eat than be starving and unable to find something low in points when I'm out and about. It is next to impossible to find something low in points in a convenience store.

Re: Daily commitment 4/10

Really late checking in, but wanted to see how everyone was doing today. I guess all will have a busy Easter week-end.

Patty, congrats on the weight loss! I weigh tomorrow. I have been sick since I got back from my son's, so I haven't felt quite up to par. I had a good OP day today, though.

Have a blessed week-end everyone!