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Daily commitment 4/11

Good Saturday morning everyone. I'm up and the sun is shinning. Got home about 8 last night. Nothing great on TV so I started cleaning my sewing room. If any of you are crafters you know how the pile of supplies seems to grow. I'm always in too much of a hurry to finish a project to put away the supplies. I managed to get where I can see the top of my cutting table. Think today will be cleaning the rest of the house. I'm even getting tired of the clutter, and that takes a lot. In some ways I think my housekeeping mimics my life. I don't like to do the hard work whether it is heavy cleaning or looking deeply into my mind to figure out why I'm overweight. Hopefully I can handle my mind before the clutter gets too deep. I've been through bouts of depression before and that is just another way of clutter building up in your mind.
Don't know where all that came from but sometimes my writing goes on automatic.
I'll have to be conscious on my eating this weekend while I'm on my own. I tend to not cook meals for myself when I'm alone. I even have to fight the "bad kid" thoughts of I can eat anything I want because Jim won't see. I pledge here and now that I will fix myself healthy OP meals this weekend.


Re: Daily commitment 4/11

good morning, hope this finds you all well. Didnt sleep all that well last night so it looks like I may have to have a nap later.

last night was kind of a dissapointment. After a short outside wedding we want to the steakhouse where I was assuming we would order what ever of the menu. Instead they had a meal for $7 all set up. Ham, cheesy mashed potatoes buttered corn, french fries and baked potatoe. Not exactly a ww meal. But I made due with what I had. A small piece of ham, little bit of corn and baked potatoe. I did hand off my cake!! Went to the dance/going away party (the groom enlisted in active duty) but only had one drink and then headed home.
Today I am off to a bridal shower, then well get some exercise in. Maybe some movies tonight.

Pat I get to the point where clutter takes over my life as well. We live in quite a small house for 5 people. We would like to move but with my job the way it is right now that isnt an option. I have to consistantly go through my house or every nick and crany will get full. I tend to function better if everything is more tidy.

I second your pledge to be op
have a great Easter weekend everyone and want to say thankyou because I am truley blessed to have all of you here on this board!

Re: Daily commitment 4/11

Good afternoon everyone. It was off to WW this a.m., then errands, so I am just now getting on here for a bit! I have to TOOT my HORN....I lost 4 pounds, so I finally broke that spell that has been cast upon me since the first of the year! So for all of you who are struggling, don't ever give in or give up! Rewards do come eventually if you stick with it!

Pat, if I didn't know better, I would think we are twins separated at birth! LOL! I'm a crafter, I have clutter, I fight with depression, and so on! Just don't let any of it get the best of you. The clutter, well, I'm a pack rat and sometimes that can be good, sometimes bad. We just have to get comfortable with what fits into our lives personnally! Same goes with our weight loss efforts.

Chelsie, there's something to be said about small places! That's less to have to clean or to let get cluttered. Of course, it's difficult with children. Now that my children are gone, I think I must be keeping all "my clutter" as a security blanket of sorts..surrounding myself with those things that I don't want to let go of! Okay, change subject, getting too deep! Pat, I think my computer went on automatic, too! LOL!!

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful week-end with family. We're going to church tonight with our kids, then tomorrow everyone has other plans, etc.

I'm OP, though, for the EASTER week-end.

Re: Daily commitment 4/11

Diane, CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, what a great loss!