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Re: Daily commitment 4/13

Chelsie, sorry you are having a hard time. I've had those days when I wanted to eat all day. Don't know the cause or the cure.
As far as your cholesterol. Limiting the amount of animal protein is certainly one way to lower overall fat intake. The things you want to steer clear of are transfats. SF is actually pretty good for limiting fats. All of the whole grains and fruits and veggies are great. Steer clear of anything that has hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, palm oils and other oils that are solid at room temperatures. If you eat beef go for the round or sirloin. If you eat ground beef be sure that it is at least 93% lean. If you eat ground poultry be sure it is just ground white meat. Some of the ground poultry has skin and fat ground into it. Some people have good luck eating ground flax seed, they aren't SF but may be worth the points to have a couple tablespoonsful every day. They are good sprinkled on cereal or a salad. The SF food list is basically the way I tell most people to eat if they have cholesterol or blood sugar problems. When you look at a nutrition label look for the saturated fat. You don't want that.
Hope this helps.


Re: Daily commitment 4/13

Hi there! I am sorry to be MIA for several days. Scott and the kids were all on break and we were just so busy! I am thinking of everyone though.

I have been OP pretty well, until today. I ate 2 servings of pasta for lunch but did stop then. I was just so hungry today! Dinner was back OP, so no harm done. Sometimes, I think I just have to trust my body a little more and if it says eat, then I better eat. I didn't eat until I was stuffed and I didn't allow it to make me binge. I simply ate more at lunch than usual, because I was hungry. I think I am still learning that hunger isn't the enemy. It is just our body's way of communicating to us what it needs.