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Daily Commitment 4/14

Hi there! I guess I am getting the ball rolling for today. I hope everyone had a nice Easter. Our was untraditional. I had bought a ham, but there was a pizza malfunction on Saturday and the brood all wanted pizza still on Sunday, so our Easter dinner was pizza. LOL I sliced up the ham and we had some for lunch on Monday. Scott is getting ham sandwiches for lunch and I froze the rest. We are a little different over here. :)

The brood is back to school today so I am in a cleaning frenzy. I really didn't do much while Scott was on break, so I am making up for it now. Anna's birthday is Thursday and her party will be this weekend, so anything I can do now will help. I actually won't clean too much before the party because all the kids and family will make more of a mess and they don't care about the house anyway. I cut down on the party this year - fewer guests and I am not serving a meal. We will just do cake and pop and call it done. Anna is inviting 3 friends, and 1 will spend the night. Other than that, it will just be grandparents and her aunt.

OP today after eating that extra helping of pasta yesterday. I am not nearly as hungry today, so I think I am definitely learning to pay better attention to my body's cues. Yesterday I was hungry and needed to eat more, and today I don't. You can teach an old dog new tricks! LOL

Re: Daily Commitment 4/14

good afternoon everyone.hope you are all doing well. I am okay today still in the grab everything mood but am keeping myself at bay for the most part. I caught myself eating tidbits this morning but have since had a firm talk with myself. :)

This afternoon I will be babysitting for alittle while and then off on my walk. Tonight is jujitsu.

Need to get better at planning my meals. I havent had that great of a week and I think part of it was just not knowing what I was going to have so I would just grab anything.

well see ya later

op for me

oh, pat thanks for answering all my questions

Re: Daily Commitment 4/14

Hi everyone, I'm finally home with Jim. He has been gone since Friday and I was gone yesterday and today. Stopped for Subway on the way home.
Last night was an interesting meal. We walked to a restaurant from the motel. Looked at the menu and almost everything said sauteed or in cream sauce and sometimes both. Decided on a shrimp cocktail (4 shrimp) and a spinach salad (small plate with maybe 25 leaves of fresh spinach about 1/2 cup of mandarin oranges and 1/4 cup walnuts.) I was satisfied when done until had to pay the outrageous bill. When I figured points the walnuts alone were 5 and the oranges were 1 or 2 since they were in syrup. Expensive in points and money.
Chelsie, I didn't remember to answer you question about shrimp and eggs. I think that the fear of cholesterol has been overblown for both of them and having them once in awhile isn't a bad thing. I eat both regularly. Of course, I take meds for my cholesterol. If you eat healthly most of the time I don't think there is anything that you can't eat.