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Re: Daily commitment 4/15

Hi everyone! Remember me?? LOL!! I've been a little MIA in posting...although I have stopped by to read the threads. I've been super busy this last couple weeks. This is the time of year where I buckle down and get my teaching resumes and all the accompanying paperwork in order and start applying at all the area schools. Business has also picked up here at work a little bit so sometimes when I think I have a few min. to get on and post, the phone will ring or something.

Anyhow, I need some help. I'm really confused right now on how or what to eat. I'll explain. First of all, with all the stress of being bogged down under all this paperwork, I stopped writing in my journal and stopped counting points probably 3 weeks ago. The result...well, a 10 lb weight gain in about 3 weeks...not good. I was really doing fine until I got home and then I just ate all the wrong stuff and don't even get me started on the Easter candy, LOL!

Monday, I went to see my dr. for my thyroid and insulin resistence and she pulled out my weight chart and showed me that last year I had lost 20 lbs. and then in the last 6 months, gained 12. I was like, well, most of that 12 was just put on very recently. So, she was like...we can't have this! I told her that I felt that 500 mg. of the Metformin was not doing anything and she totally agreed. So, she upped me from 500 to 2000 mg. I'm working my way up to that 2000 mg. It will take about 2 weeks for me to get up to that full strength. Anyone on here take that much? I told her that my crave for sugar lately is UNREAL and she said that this should take care of that...along with limiting my carbs to : 30 for breakfast max, 45 for lunch and 45 for dinner...dang-she didn't even mention snacks!

So, now I've done Flex for so long i don't even know how to retrain my brain to do anything else. I was so frustrated at lunch today...I had a Chili from Wendy's (which is one of my most fav. things in the world)...had to forgo my jr. frosty b/c that would put me over the 45 carbs. So, I have cup of grapes in the back..I have no idea how many carbs are in a cup of grapes b/c all I know is 1 c. of grapes =1 WW point...so i goggle it and it's like 27 carbs. Heck, my 100 cal. choc. cupcake is only 17 carbs, but which is more healthy for you??? I don't even know what to eat. Nuts?? Those are like high in points.

Anyone have any suggestions for me? I still want to get this weight off, but I'm not sure what plan to follow or even eat.

Is that high of a does of Metformin gonna take care of my cravings for carbs?? What happens if I eat a big ole bowl of pasta...is that much medicine gonna make me run for the bathroom once I eat a carb loaded meal (should I decide to ever cheat)?

Re: Daily commitment 4/15

Carrie, glad to see you back on here we have missed you. I wish I could help you and awnswer some questions but I have no experise in that area. So instead I just wanted to let u know I will keep you in my thoughts as you work through this.


Re: Daily commitment 4/15

oh, yeah forgot to say that I just got back from ww and I lost .6. not enough to get my 5 % but it is not a gain so that will satisfy me for another week. Simpley filling week #4 here we go.

Also I got my yellow belt in jujitsu last night and our teacher told us that he is expanding the school and would like me and my husband to train to be assistant teacher. I will need to achive one more belt before I can train for this (my husband already has his green) but just to be considered for that is quite an honor.

have a great day

Re: Daily commitment 4/15

Wow Carrie, where to start. Don't know about the dose of Metformin and carb craving. When I took it I took 1000 mg per day and couldn't see any difference. I think as far as your diet you'll have to decide if you are going to follow the Dr's advice on carbs or are going to count points. WW isn't a low carb diet by any means. The best I can suggest is to take the time to look up your usual foods for carb content and sit down and plan your meals. I have enough problems counting points (which is why I'm doing Core/Simply filling), I would go nuts if I had to keep track of carbs. Can you get a referal to a dietitian? Maybe your insurance would cover it as medically necessary. Short of that I would suggest looking a South Beach Diet which is a low carb (but healthier than Atkins) way of eating.
I'm sorry you are going through all of this. I understand about gaining so much so quickly. I can do that also.
Keep posting even if we can't give you advice we can support your efforts.


Re: Daily commitment 4/15

Chelsie, congrats on the loss. I live in the land of small losses so I agree anything that isn't a gain is OK.
Also congrats on being offered the teaching position. Sounds like you have put lots of work into your training.


Re: Daily commitment 4/15

Hi Gang! Here I am too. I am doing fine and pugging away OP as usual.

((((Carrie)))) Okay, I don't know much about the medication, but I am hoping that Patty jumps in. If I recall correctly, she knows a bunch. As far as the carbs go, I can't help much either. In looking at food labels, I am going to say that seems really low!!! Golly, I would have trouble with that too. I am guessing there are guides available that spell out carbs in common foods and maybe that would help too? All , I can say, is that I would lost my mind on this plan. I need carbs!!!! Keep us posted on how you are doing and please know that my heart goes out to you. I will hold you up in prayer for sure!

Re: Daily commitment 4/15

I agree with seeing a dietician...I'm having my husband call our insurance...I don't think it's normally covered, but maybe something has changed.

I did do South Beach a long time ago, but I really didn't commit to it long b/c I got pregnant. Maybe I should locate that book and read it in the mean time.