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Re: Daily commitment 4/15

Wow Carrie, where to start. Don't know about the dose of Metformin and carb craving. When I took it I took 1000 mg per day and couldn't see any difference. I think as far as your diet you'll have to decide if you are going to follow the Dr's advice on carbs or are going to count points. WW isn't a low carb diet by any means. The best I can suggest is to take the time to look up your usual foods for carb content and sit down and plan your meals. I have enough problems counting points (which is why I'm doing Core/Simply filling), I would go nuts if I had to keep track of carbs. Can you get a referal to a dietitian? Maybe your insurance would cover it as medically necessary. Short of that I would suggest looking a South Beach Diet which is a low carb (but healthier than Atkins) way of eating.
I'm sorry you are going through all of this. I understand about gaining so much so quickly. I can do that also.
Keep posting even if we can't give you advice we can support your efforts.


Re: Daily commitment 4/15

Hi Gang! Here I am too. I am doing fine and pugging away OP as usual.

((((Carrie)))) Okay, I don't know much about the medication, but I am hoping that Patty jumps in. If I recall correctly, she knows a bunch. As far as the carbs go, I can't help much either. In looking at food labels, I am going to say that seems really low!!! Golly, I would have trouble with that too. I am guessing there are guides available that spell out carbs in common foods and maybe that would help too? All , I can say, is that I would lost my mind on this plan. I need carbs!!!! Keep us posted on how you are doing and please know that my heart goes out to you. I will hold you up in prayer for sure!

Re: Daily commitment 4/15

I agree with seeing a dietician...I'm having my husband call our insurance...I don't think it's normally covered, but maybe something has changed.

I did do South Beach a long time ago, but I really didn't commit to it long b/c I got pregnant. Maybe I should locate that book and read it in the mean time.