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Where is everyone? D.C. for 4/17

Had to get my calendar out and make sure I was seeing right...no one has put a post on today.

I would say I'm OP, but I don't know what plan that is, LOL!!!! I'm doing OK...trying to cut out a lot of my sugary snacks. Had a massive headache from I guess carb with draw the other day, but doing OK now.

Called my insurance company and they will not cover for me to see a nutritionist, so I have a friend that's giving me some info about cutting carbs...I think since Aug. she's lost around 70 some lbs by following particular guidelines she was given while she was in the hospital in August. I'm still a little overwhelmed by all this b/c I have myself "trained" for points and some things about low carbing just don't make sense to me. Some say no fruit, others say fruit is OK...they low carb but don't count natural god given foods such as fruit as long as you aren't eating like a whole bag of grapes, entire watermelon, or a bunch of banana's all at once.

Would the Core program work for me? I've never done Core, but isn't it kind of like South Beach? Anyone got time to help me figure out a new plan---I'd be really grateful.

My birthday is Monday and you don't know how bad I want cake...any kind of cake...I'll even take one made with diet soda and cool whip or angel food cake (covered in berries of course)

Re: Where is everyone? D.C. for 4/17

good morning everyone. I'm pretty busy over here getting some outside work done and going to garage sales today. just wanted to pop in and say hello

op for me


Re: Where is everyone? D.C. for 4/17

I just got back from the gym and shopping. I made it through yesterday counting points. I'm so used to Core that I'm having a hard time but I'm going to stick to it at least this week. I've got to get my wt. loss started again. When I look at being basically the same weight as I was in January I get so mad at myself. I'm OP but can't say I'm happy. I don't like the feeling of being hungry and then seeing that I don't have points for a snack.
Carrie, I think you have to pick one plan and stay with it. You'll drive yourself crazy trying to compare what lots of them say. You asked about Core/Simply Filling. I don't think it would fit into a low/controlled carb plan but I haven't figured how many carbs are in the foods. The plan relies on whole grains, veggies and fruit. I suppose you could do it if you were careful to measure everything. It might be worth calling a nutritionist or diabetic educator to see how much they would charge for a consultation. I hate it when Drs. give out dictates and then don't tell the patient how to comply. You might even go to the Diabetes Assn. website for information.
I'll help when I can but I'm not an expert.