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Daily commitment 4/19

Good morning. I'm up and ready to go to church in a few minutes. Might have a challenge for points tonight. When I got home yesterday I found out we are invited to a surprize 60th birthday party tonight. Don't know what she will be serving so I'll try to save points for tonight. Last night after work I stopped at Wendy's. Ordered a small chilli (4 pts) and a plain baked potato. Looked up the potato in my small WW book that has the weight record in it, and it said for fast food a large potato was 3 pts. When I looked it up online found out Wendy's potato is 5 pts. I ended up going over pts for the day. Did manage to walk for 1 mile around the parking lot during lunchtime.
Hope you all have a great day.


Re: Daily commitment 4/19

Good Morning, well I survived my busy Saturday. Made it through the busy morning and the shower went off very well. one game was to make dresses out of toliet paper and my daughter was picked to be a model she looked very good. The cake was made by a local cake legend so I did induldge in that but bypassed the punch and other goodies.

Went to Famous Daves for dinner and Had just a grilled chicken with mashed potatoes. I was quite stuffed. At the bar I was glad I had chosen to dd because we were there for 5 hours and that could have been quite a few calories consumed but I stuck to diet pepsi and water and danced alot. It all payed of because I feel good today, and the scale didnt move either.

Today I am itching to get out for a walk after my day off yesterday. Otherwise maybe some odds and ends cleaning but just relax for the most part I think.

have a great day
op for me