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Daily Commitment 4/20

Good morning. I'm off to the gym in a few minutes. Can't get in the pool this week due to school break and they turn the kids loose in the water. I'll do treadmill and weights. Need to do a little extra today. Last night's birthday party was a challenge. The only thing that wasn't high calorie was asparagus. Had a small serving of the casserole and the trifle (instead of chocolate cake). I had 14 points going in so don't think I went over but sure wasn't what I'm used to eating. Guess that is what we have to learn to deal with, Real Life.
No big plans today.
Have a great day


Re: Daily Commitment 4/20

Well, I've been MIA for a couple of days! Went over to spend the night with the grandkids while parents are out of town and will go back this afternoon, also. I have the 4 yr old today while everyone is at school. We came out to my house for the day until time to pick up from school. Tomorrow is MDO for the 4 yr old, so I will come back home for the day. The parents will be home sometime before tomorrow night late, hopefully!

I did better over the week-end trying to stay OP. I had gained Saturday at WW, but wasn't surprised as the scale showed the same at my doctor's appointment Friday. I had eaten beef jerky (homemade)for two days and it is salty and makes you retain fluid. I just can't resist it, though, when my husband makes a batch. He had made it for the kid's motorcyclye trip that they're on.

My doctor was really pleased with my weight loss, but didn't change my goal weight! UHG! He knows as well as I do, that I can get these last 6 pounds off! LOL! He didn't change any of my BP meds or anything. Blood work will tell if I need any iron or anything!

Didn't mean to write a novel. I haven't checked the board to see what's been going on the last couple of days. Hope everyone had a good week-end and hanging in there with their OP plans for the day. I'm going to plan meals now while I'm at home. I will carry my dinner with me tonight as the kids are having chicken patty sandwiches, etc. We had lasagna last night, but I had prepared for the points!

Have a GREAT OP DAY.......

Re: Daily Commitment 4/20

Hi there! I am in for the day. We had a busy weekend with Anna's birthday and all. I did great. I made the cake and cut it so I left myself 1 small piece. Then Wes ate his and asked if there was more, so I offered him part of mine and he took it. That was that. So much for cake! LOL I got a couple small bites and that was enough.

I took my first real bike ride on Saturday and that was wonderful. Sadly, it is raining today so I was back to the trainer. Oh well, the warm weather will be here eventually, right????

Have a great OP day!

Re: Daily Commitment 4/20

Good morning everyone. I am finally up to moving around today. I only slept 4 hours Sunday morning after we got home from our bachlorette party so last night I took a tynelol pm to make sure I slept and when I got up this morning I was so out of it I layed on the couch after I brought kids to school and slept till 1030!! Felt good to catch up though. Today I made a baked potatoe lunch and then when out riding around with a friend just to get out. It is pretty windy here today. hoping it dies down for my walk tonight. I will go get the kids soon and then prepare for soccer tonight from 5-7. Going walking after that with a friend. We are counting miles for ww and our goal as a group is to get to cleveland. So far I have walked 16.5 this week. I am hoping that helps me show a loss as well!!!

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