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Daily commitment 4/21

Good morning. Hope you all have a great OP day. This is a fun day for me. Our quilt club makes baby quilts all year long and today we have a baby shower for Birthright. We will probably have close to 100 quilts to donate. It is so much fun to see all the different designs that people come up with. It is sad that there is such a need for donations because there are so many women having babies that they can't afford. We will be having a potluck lunch. I'm taking a large green salad so at least I know that is something I can eat. Everyone usually brings fattening foods to these things.
I'm still managing to count points but it is hard. I've gone over my 22 daily points and had to use weekly and activity points every day. We'll see what the scale says this week.
Anyone doing the Walk It Challenge? I signed up but can't figure out how to log my activity. Maybe I'm not supposed to be able to record walking. I'll find out at my meeting. Our leader is supposed to be finding a 5K that we can all walk together.


Re: Daily commitment 4/21

Good morning everyone. hope you are all holding on this week I know I have had to. I have alot of factors this month that I am sure have affected my weigh loss and the losses have all been small but the clothes are getting looser so I will have to be happy with that.

Not quite up to par today, woke up feeling a little queasy. Ate some cereal but nothing is taking it away. I think I will grab some diet sprite and sip on that awhile.

Hoping to clean the house a little if I can and take a walk later today. Tonight is Kindergarten Round up so I will miss Jujitsu and recieving my yellow belt , oh well I will get it next week then.

op for me