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Re: Daily commitment 4/22

Good morning ladies. Yes, I am still alive. I have completely fallen off the ship!!! I have decided that I need to start going to the meetings to hold myself accountable. I thought I could do it on my own but there are just too many temptations around me and I give in wayyyyy to easy. Our meetings are on Thursdays and they just happen to have one during my lunch hour. So, that is my plan. We just got family pictures done last week and when I saw myself in them, I wanted to barf!!!!

It is supposed to get up to 70 here today and be in the 80's by this weekend. I am super excited for that. We are getting DD baptized on Saturday and have lots of family coming from out of town so I'm glad the weather will be nice for traveling.

Well, I hope you all have a great day and I hope to start posting positive news after today!

Re: Daily commitment 4/22

Patty, good luck tomorrow after your last chance workout. Enjoy going to buy those smaller summer clothes! Brooke, I'm glad to see you are starting back to WW. I go every week but have gotten slack about my journaling and starting gaining, sometime small and sometime larger amounts. Well, with my gains and little losses I'm up .6 since January. I'm under goal but still want to lose 5 more lbs. Hope everyone has a great day.

Re: Daily commitment 4/22

good afternoon ladies. kinda late getting in here but been quite busy today!! Made amish friendship bread this morning for my daughters class. I ate none of it till after weigh in and then indulged in one piece after school. Went to her school for the afternoon and now I am home. I think we will go to the park for a little while and then make supper. ww is at 7 pm and then I have a walk scheduled. I did weigh in at noon and lost 1.6. So that got my my 5 % finally and .2 from 10 lbs. that was a little frusterating but at least I have a goal for next week now.

Hope everyone is doing well. Good to see some you back and good luck on weigh in tommorow pat

op for me

Re: Daily commitment 4/22

Chels, congrats on your 5%. Soon it will be 10%.