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Daily commitment 4/23

Good morning. Off to WW in a few minutes. If my scale is right, no great loss this week even though I went back to counting points and upped my exercise. If their scale is the same I'll go back to Simply Filling. I might as well be satisfied and not lose instead of being hungry all the time and not lose. Oh the joy of a menopausal body.
Took my car in yesterday and they gave me a loner. When they figured out the problem it was going to cost over $900. We only have 50,000 miles on it so the service man called Honda and they agreed to pay for all but $50. I was very pleased. I love my Civic and if they hadn't stood behind their car it would have been the last Honda we bought.
Hope you are all having a great OP day. I know I am despite my slow losses.


Re: Daily commitment 4/23

Good deal on the car, Patty! I agree that it makes a world of difference as far as customer loyalty goes, when a company stands behind their product.

I am going to go back and read all the posts from earlier this week. I am really behind because I keep forgetting to check in here. I get all caught up in Facebook...

Anyway, I hope you all are well. The weather is supposed to get nice tomorrow and I am so ready for it!

Re: Daily commitment 4/23

I've been shying away from posting this week. It hasn't been going real well for me trying to be OP!!! We made more beef jerky two days in a row and I just can't stay out of it!! This batch goes to the son-in-law in Iraq. Maybe we won't be making any more for a little while and I can get back on track.

I'm going down early in the a.m. to stay the day with Lilly. Then I start Monday watching her on Mon and Tues to help out the other sitter. I have already got my breakfast "stuff" together and know what I will take for lunch, also. I want to be prepared and not leave empty handed or in a rush wondering what to grab and go!

My posts will be on here late at night while I'm helping with the baby. I will try to keep up with everything, though!

Patty, don't be discouraged! I want to blame my problem on the "age" that we're at! I hate exercising, though, so you have one up on me already!
Hang in there...I'm trying to!

Uki, you'll have to put FB and Aimee on your favorites list and check BOTH of them! I get caught up in FB, too, checking to see what everyone's doing and looking at all the new pictures everyone puts on!
I don't do any of the other stuff anymore, 'cause that's how my daughter picked up a virus in her computer!!

Hope everyone has a good OP day. We're missing a lot of gals that used to post! Where are you? Just busy, I hope! Miss you when you're not on here!

Thanks, Aimee, for the "safe haven". This place is such an encouragement!

Re: Daily commitment 4/23

Well, today was the first "official" day back to WW and I am so glad that I started back. I just got back from my meeting and I feel really good about it. I also talked a friend into joining with me. In my opinion, it's so much easier when you have someone doing the program with you and help keep you accountable. It really stinks having to rely on someone else to lose the weight, but I guess if it works then great!

OP so far today and feeling really good about it!

Re: Daily commitment 4/23

Hey everyone great to see you back. I too am having struggles today. Even after a decent loss this week I just am having one of those days. Woke up kinda crabby and anxious and it just hasnt gone away yet so I did okay this morning but really blew it at dinner when I went out with my hubby and dd. ordered my own salad and then ate some of my daughters chicken and fries along with a small piece of apple cake. I am now so full and regreting it. Well certianly need a walk today. So I am trying to get in positive spirits for the rest of my day. it is 85 and beautiful here. Hope the rest of your days are going better.

op for me from this moment on!!!

take care everyone