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Daily commitment 4-25

Good Morning Everyone. Hope your day is starting out well. Mine did not. Woke up with a pounding headache on my right side. three ibuprophen and some icy hot later it is dying down.

Was gone so long yesterday I forgot to post. We went shopping with the kids and got done quite a bit. Finallly got my sams card so we went and stocked up there. I was looking for a good running shoe and was able to find one I loved only to find out they didnt have my size. 4 stores later the lady told me it was an older shoe and no one probley had it any more. So any one have any reccomendations for shoes? I am all ears. I had really good intentions with my food yesterday and ended up going to perkins where I thought I would do quite well but there just wasnt much on the menu. Ended up having an egg beaters omlet with ham, cheese, and green pepers and a few pancakes. BUt it did keep me full all day and I didnt eat till I got home.

Today we will go to jujitsu and then get the few things I couldnt find yesterday. I hope to go for a walk today if it doesnt rain on me.

op for me

Re: Daily commitment 4-25

Chelsie, sounds like you earned some activity points yesterday with all your shopping. Is today when you get your next belt? Congratulations.
I just finished my resistance band DVD. I've probably told you before but it is a "kick butt" exercise. I wore my heart rate monitor and burned over 300 calories in about 25 minutes. My pulse went from 110 to 167 (yikes!). Today is laundry and making 2 pans of brownies and a crockpot full of green beans for a church supper. This is the first supper we've done that is open to the public. Hoping to earn money for our mission work. They decided to have hamloaf. I guess it is ground up ham and pork made like a meatloaf. I'll have to do some figuring to get points. After dinner we are going to our local playhouse for the play Kiss Me Kate. It is all amateur actors but they do an amazing job. So who can beat dinner and theatre on Sat. night.
They didn't get my car fixed yesterday so I still have the rental for a couple days. Sure miss my little car and its good gas milage.
Have a wonderful OP day