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Re: Daily commitment 4/26

Good Evening everyone. Well I thought I would come back and see how true I planned my day. I was pretty close. I did go walking with a friend and completed 5 miles. But I did have to stop home and stretch out my hamstrings. I am terribly sore from a very hard jujitsu class. But I felt better after stretching so we continued our walk. I have not yet conquered my book but cleaned and got laundry done instead. I thought I would get around half way done but dh helped me out alot today and I got it all done, folded and put away. That should give me a heads up for the week.
I have been debating all week and have decided to go back to counting points for a little while. I find myself missing some of my favorite dishes that are ww but are no way core so I think I will switch back for a while. I have been on simply filling for a month now and am quite proud I made it that long. I never thought I could live with out bread. I am happy to say I only induldged in about 1 pc of bread and 4 buns in a months time. So I say adios to simpley filling but I am sure I will be back. I truley did enjoy it.

well I am off relax. Hope you all had a great Sunday,

still op for me


Re: Daily commitment 4/26

Hi everyone..have had trouble getting to our site here lately. Doing well..more consistently OP these days and just trying to do more of the same. Take care, Maajida