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Daily Commitment 4/27

Hi Ladies! I am sorry to be MIA so much lately. I am OP, so it is not that I am hiding, and I am not so busy as to not check in. I think I just get caught up in Facebook and forget. :(

Anyway, if you have a minute, check out the new wall photo on my facebook site. I got a new bike this weekend and there is a pic of me and the new bike now. He (the bike is a male - LOL) is beautiful!!! I found him on Craig's List and the deal was good. Scott bought him as my early Mother's Day present. I can't wait to really ride him. It will be a few days because the shifting is different on him and I need to spend some time in a parking lot to learn what I am doing. It's kind of like learning to drive a stick shift - I am not ready to go on the road just yet.

So, anyway, I hope all is well. Chelsie, I understand about going back to points for awhile. I love the idea of Core, but I really like certain foods and do better when I can incorporate them into my daily meal plan.

Off to get the kids ready for school.

Have a great day!

Re: Daily Commitment 4/27

Finally have a couple minutes to write. I got up and to the gym early today. We weren's able to use the pool last week due to school break and the kids taking over. Felt really good to get back in the water. I've been OP, still counting points. I still wish I was doing Core but if the weight comes off guess I'd better keep counting. The mother of my best friend died last night (85 years old) so I'm taking supper over tonight. We will stay and eat with them. I'm making potato salad (WW friendly) and a tossed salad, deviled eggs and a roast. I got strawberries at Aldi's today. They have been great flavor. I've been getting them almost every week. So I'll be able to stay OP.
Guess I'd better get going.
Have a great day.


Re: Daily Commitment 4/27

Good Afternoon everyone. Sounds like you are all having a great day. I am doing okay it is that week for me so I am consumed with cravings, negative thoughts and I get stressed out so much easier. I am trying to stay busy cleaning, walking and staying away from my cuboards so I do not eat. After I decided to switch back I set up an eating schedule for my self. I do much better when I follow a schedule so I thought I would try it with my eating as well. So I think that is what saved me this morning. I first have tea at 630am, then breakfast at 730-8 then a veggie snack at 1000 then dinner at 1130, 1-2 veggie snacks in the afternoon, ( I love baby carrots so I eat alot of them )I figure it is just veggies and a very wise women once told me, Veggies didnt get you fat so I wouldnt worry about how much you eat them!! Dinner hour varies with our schedule, but we usually eat early if anything. Nighttime is my weekness and the one thing I really need to focus on this week. so we'll see how it goes!!

Uki, I'll have to check out the new bike

Pat--Sorry to hear about your best friends mother my thought go out to her. Also, I see you are counting again to. Are you still doing core and just counting everything to see how much it is? Just wondering.

Well I am off to take a walk I think, need to clear my head of all this negativity and fill it with some good music.

Have a great day

op for me

oh, ps. Maajida, good to hear from you and great to see that you are staying op.

Re: Daily Commitment 4/27

Chelsie, I'm doing mostly Core foods but have added a few "treats" that aren't Core. I usually go over the daily points by a couple points each day. I'm sitting good this week. I still have 30 weekly points and 9 activity points left. I'll use some of them tonight I'm sure. I try not to intentionally eat my weeklies so that if I have something that I can't figure out the points for I know that I have enough in the bank. I'm doing better this time of not eating junk that is the same points as healthy foods like I did before. We'll see if I lose this week also.


Re: Daily Commitment 4/27

Thanks for replying Pat that is what I think I am trying to do also. Good Luck this week!

Re: Daily Commitment 4/27

Checking in late tonight. Was up and at 'em early this a.m. to get down to keep the grandbaby for the day. Will go back in the a.m. also. I leave here at 6:00 in order to miss rush hour traffic and to get there in time for son and daughter-in-law to get to their jobs early, also. I got home at 7:00 tonight!

Had chicken left from last night's dinner, so made us a salad with it, mandarin oranges, onion, WW shredded cheese, etc, and FF raspberry vinergrete (?). Was so good! Just had an apple with chocolate PB2 for snack.

Need to get to bed now since I have to get up at 5:00. Maaj, was good to see you on here and know that you're doing OK. Some of us others have been slacking on the posting...me, guilty as charged! LOL! Uki, I saw the bike yesterday! SHARP!! Didn't take time to comment on it then, though!

More tomorrow night after American Idol! LOL!