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Daily Commitment 4/28

Hey gang!! I'm not doing so well with the changes in my life. My dr. wanted me to do low carb and it just isn't happening and I think I've gained a couple more lbs. just trying to figure out what the heck to eat. So, I'm going back to counting points but I'm not going to eat as many sugary snacks, I'm adding in more fruits to replace those. Change is really hard for me and I've always said I cannot "do" low carb as a lifestyle everyday. For one thing, I'm not a big cheese or nut person and after a couple days of eating nuts and cheese well, lets just say if I never had a nut again it would be too soon.

Another thing, she said that by quadrupling (sp?) my Metformin it would stop or help with the craving for sugar and it hasn't...maybe that takes time or maybe she was just feeding me a line or something, who knows.

All I know is counting points worked and I just need to buckle down, get back out the journal, and get moving before my clothes become any tighter. 12-14 lbs. upward is not the direction I want to go; besides, I gave away my fat clothes!

So, back to points and adding in fruit for snacks.

Re: Daily Commitment 4/28

Hey there , carrie, hang in there. It is really hard to find just the right way that works for you.

Well my day didnt exactly go as planned but it went well. I planned on walking a lot today and getting some last minute cleaning done but a friend called and came over for the day. She felt bad for just dropping in like that but I told her cleaning can always happen but it isnt everyday she could come over. Still got a good walk in this afternoon and will go again on my regular one tonight. We ate taco salads for dinner and also took the kids to the park. Food has gone well today but it usually does the few days before weigh in. IT is the 3-4 days after that I struggel so well see, just need to remember to take it one day at a time. Well I'm off to get pounding on the chicken for supper

take care
op for me


Re: Daily Commitment 4/28

Carrie, so sorry that you are having such struggles. I would think that the Dr. would be happy with any plan that would keep the weight off and your AC1 down. Don't expect miracles from the Metformin in stopping your cravings. Not everyone responds as the drug companies say that we will.
I had a long day at work. Left home at 6:45 and got back home at 6:45PM. Picked up rotisserie chicken at the store and made a quick salad for supper. I took my lunch so that was OP. Only problem was that I didn't get any exercise all day. Off to the gym tomorrow.