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Daily Commitment 4/29

Good morning and happy hump day!

I am off to run errands today. I need some stuff at Wally World and I think I will stop by the Nickles Bakery Outlet. They have 1 point bread there for .90 a loaf and I can buy several and freeze them. I can also get regular bread for the family.

Our beautiful weather is gone and was replaced by cold and damp miserable weather. I must say, it really puts a damper on my mood. I was so much more cheerful when it was nice... Bah Humbug!

OP today, how about you?

Re: Daily Commitment 4/29

Hi everyone...just checking in again...had trouble getting to this site for a while. So glad to be able to get back..the support makes all the difference in the world...doing ok OP after so many devastating series of relapses...am headed in a positive direction with a good healthy momentum I hope. Take care, Maajida

Re: Daily Commitment 4/29

Good Morning. up and busy today getting things done before I run off to Dh school. I weigh in today and expect a small gain Had a pretty bad start to the week so no ones fault but my own. Counting went okay the past few days I did have trouble keeping my hand out of the cereal box last night but got it undercontrol :) tonight i will have my meeting and then a walk is scheduled.

hope you all have a great day
op for me

Re: Daily Commitment 4/29

Good morning!

I did just fine yesterday. I will say I'm a little crabby without some of my usual snacks, but I'll live, I think, LOL!

I have a plan for lunch at Subway and brought a banana with me.

Re: Daily Commitment 4/29

Hello ladies! Hope this finds you all well. My first week has gone fairly well. I have had a couple "bad" moments, but I am getting on track. I have worked out everday this week so that is an accomplishment in itself. This morning I decided to try the 10 minute free run on Wii Fit. Keep in mind, I have never been able to run a mile without stopping so when I finished the 10 minutes still jogging, I was very proud of myself. It ended up being 1.323 miles which I think is a great start. I am going to continue jogging on Wii Fit for now and when I do a little better I may venture outdoors, lol. I sure can feel it in my legs and rear-end but it's a good feeling, makes you know that you really did work out!

I wish you all a happy hump day!

Re: Daily Commitment 4/29

Hello, everyone...I got on here last night and had a reply almost ready to send, then a had a pop-up of some kind that knocks me off-line when I try to x it out!! It just now popped up again!! Got to have someone check it out that knows computers (like my son) to see if it might be some virus trying to sneak in!!

Anyway, I was home around 6:30 last night, fixed dinner , then watched AI. Had a problem with snacking before bedtime! I know it is stress and just being tired! This last 5-6 pounds is going to be the "ruin of me". HELP!! Why can't I stay OP for the full day any more!!! I guess I need to revisit my old "diary" and see what I was eating while I was actually losing. I'm really getting aggravated with myself!!

Doing good so far today, though. I WILL BE OP UNTIL I GO TO BED TONIGHT!!!!!

Re: Daily Commitment 4/29

Wow, its great to see so many people on here today. I'm just home from the gym and chiropractor and blood draw. Now I'm eating lunch and watching Biggest Loser from last night.
I'm doing OK foodwise. I'm looking for a loss tomorrow. Have lots of weekly and activity points left so will enjoy myself a little today.(but not too much).
Not much happening here. Sounds like you are all doing good. Those who are having small challenges sound like you have a handle on them.
Have a great day