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Re: Carrie...

Thanks for the support!

I think setting some small goals is just what I need to do...so with that said, here goes.

1. Get back out the journal. That's easy and will start it today!.
2. Add back in the water....I've been slacking in this area and need to be more consistent.
3. Don't buy those 100 cal. snacks...I haven't for 2 weeks now...aren't you all proud of me!? LOL!
4. Plan better for lunch
5. Get my butt moving again...figure out a way to get in a work out despite the fact I work 2 jobs and I'm always tired.

OK, so there are 5 goals...#5 might take the longest to figure out. By the end of the day, my thyroid pill is wearing off and sometimes I just don't have the energy to do one more thing. But, I'll work on it somehow.

Re: Carrie...

Hey you! :)

Good goals. I just want to toss in one thought with regard to #4. I think you might want to be more specific. It is easier to judge meeting a goal if it is very specific. Maybe, try to define more what "planning better," means. Do you mean, putting together a couple menu ideas so that when you are rushed you can gravitate to those? Could it mean cooking some extra on the weekends so that you have your own healthy frozen meals to take to work? could it mean putting together a list of healthy options from the area fast food places, so you have options to choose from to buy your lunch. There are no right or wrong answers. It could even be just buying some healthy prepackaged meals to take to work. South Beach diet meals may be a good choice - lots of protein and low carb/high fiber. They are good too!

What do you think?

Re: Carrie...


A little of everything you said. I did cook last night and one thing I did was put a bowl aside for me to take today...already measured out and won't have to spend $ on fast food.

I will say this...eating out is not so enjoyable anymore. I have certain things I get from certain places and I just get bored...sometimes I just want something else. I think I just need a little more variety when it comes to eating out. Sometimes that can mean spending a little extra just for something healthy. Like yesterday, I drove out of my way to Chick fil A for a grilled chicken sandwich and a fruit cup...spent $7...that's too much money for lunch!

Anyway, I think I'm going to look for other eating out options and cook a little extra on the days I cook so that I bring my lunch maybe a little more and then on the days where I just need to get out for lunch I can afford to splurge at Chick fil A or somewhere like that.

I hope that makes sense...it's still early...

Re: Carrie...

That makes perfect sense to me too. I have found that when I eat out, I don't like feeling like I "have" to choose certain things because they are the lowest in points or the cheapest on the menu. I want something that appeals to me. Now, that does not mean that I get fettucine alfredo at the Olive Garden, but if I am at the Olive Garden, dang it! I am not getting a grilled chicken salad. I can fix that at home. LOL I try to strike a balance and that sounds like what you are doing now - save some $$ by taking your lunch, so that when you do get something out, it is what you want.

I really believe that this whole journey for me, was about balance and finding it. For so long, it was all black or white - OP or not OP. There was no middle ground. Finally, I feel like I have found it and that I can eat what I want within reason. I am not deprived of my faves, but I don't eat treats all day every day.

Hang in there. You are doing just fine.