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Re: Daily commitment 4/30

oh goodness, Patty, we were posting at the same time...that's a nice feeling...have a great day! Maajida

Re: Daily commitment 4/30

Good morning everyone. Well I hope to make this a busy day because if I am busy I do not think about food as much!! After I get the kids off to school I am going walking with dd , then I will come home do laundry. Hope to go to shopping this afternoon and then off on another walk tonight with my walking partner. DH is home sick for the second day he came home at 10 am yesterday. if he is sick one more day I will make him go to the doctor just in case it is swine flu, you never know. for now he is quarentined to the bedroom .

I will continue to count points this week as long as I can stay away from all the sweets. I weighed in yesterday and maintained which I am happy with. I did not make great choices last week. I am .2 from ten and thought that would motivate me but my mind just kept taking over. Hopefully we will hit it this week.

Good luck to pat on weigh in today. Hope you all have a great day.

op for me

Re: Daily commitment 4/30

Well, we have 2 daily posts going, so I will post on both! :)

I am glad to see the board pick up again. I am guilty of being MIA and I will try to do better.

I am OP today too. I have already ridden my bike and I got breakfast figured out, but lunch is a mystery... Anyone want to go to Subway with me? That sounds good! I will be OP whatever I decide.

Re: Daily commitment 4/30

Good morning!

Patty, good luck with your weigh in.

Maaj - glad to see you are doing good!

Chels - hopefully the hubby doesn't have swine flu!

I'm up and at it already at work. I'm up to the full 2000 mg. of Metformin now (for the last 3 days)...took me about 3 weeks to get up to this dose as the dr. wanted me to increase it slowly. Last couple days I've been plagued with nausea that just comes and goes and then after lunch yesterday the "other" kicked in and I thought maybe I had food poisoning or something, but I'm convinced it was the medicine. No wonder people report weight loss on it, geesh! TMI, right? LOL! Sorry! I hope these side effects let up or I'm not going to be able to take this stuff....I was put on the ER kind b/c it supposedly has less side effects than the regular...maybe I'm still getting used to the increase. That was a big jump; 500mg to 2000 mg.

Anyway, stayed OP yesterday and and I was very proud of me!

It's raining cats/dogs in my neck of the woods this morning. It's a good day if you are a duck. Was hoping to have the grass mowed this eve. but might be too wet for that. I have a house full of people coming on Sat. for my son's 4th birthday party. Yes, you know what that means don't you...CAKE! I think I'm gonna have to have a real good plan for Sat. so I can enjoy a small piece of cake with my baby...soon as I know what that plan is I'll share it!

Re: Daily commitment 4/30

Just got back from WW and had a great week. I had a 4.4 lb loss!!! I had a coupon for a box of Sweet & Salty bars for only $1 so I picked one of those up while I was there and of course, I had to try one. It was really good!

I jogged again this morning and increased my distance to almost 1.5 miles! If I don't have the kids with me on Saturday, I may try jogging part of the March for Babies. Speaking of which, I am $75 away from my $150 goal for donations. If any of you are interested in donating, it can be done online at www.marchforbabies.org/thedeegan4

Uki, I had Subway for lunch too. Must have been a good day for that!

Re: Daily commitment 4/30

Carrie, hope the side effects go away soon. I know that nausea is one that they warn of.
Brooke, congrats on the great loss. Keep up the good work.
I was down 2 pounds today. That makes a total of 89.5 gone. Hope to lose at least the last 0.5 next week to make 90. Guess I'll keep counting points for a few more weeks. As much as I love the way I feel on Simply Filling, I can't argue with the results of counting points for the last 2 weeks.


Re: Daily commitment 4/30

way to go pat!!!

Re: Daily commitment 4/30

Congratulations Brooke and Patty! Patty what a great feeling that must be to have lost so much weight!