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Re: Carrie...


A little of everything you said. I did cook last night and one thing I did was put a bowl aside for me to take today...already measured out and won't have to spend $ on fast food.

I will say this...eating out is not so enjoyable anymore. I have certain things I get from certain places and I just get bored...sometimes I just want something else. I think I just need a little more variety when it comes to eating out. Sometimes that can mean spending a little extra just for something healthy. Like yesterday, I drove out of my way to Chick fil A for a grilled chicken sandwich and a fruit cup...spent $7...that's too much money for lunch!

Anyway, I think I'm going to look for other eating out options and cook a little extra on the days I cook so that I bring my lunch maybe a little more and then on the days where I just need to get out for lunch I can afford to splurge at Chick fil A or somewhere like that.

I hope that makes sense...it's still early...

Re: Carrie...

That makes perfect sense to me too. I have found that when I eat out, I don't like feeling like I "have" to choose certain things because they are the lowest in points or the cheapest on the menu. I want something that appeals to me. Now, that does not mean that I get fettucine alfredo at the Olive Garden, but if I am at the Olive Garden, dang it! I am not getting a grilled chicken salad. I can fix that at home. LOL I try to strike a balance and that sounds like what you are doing now - save some $$ by taking your lunch, so that when you do get something out, it is what you want.

I really believe that this whole journey for me, was about balance and finding it. For so long, it was all black or white - OP or not OP. There was no middle ground. Finally, I feel like I have found it and that I can eat what I want within reason. I am not deprived of my faves, but I don't eat treats all day every day.

Hang in there. You are doing just fine.