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Daily Commitment 5/1

Happy May. Hope this month brings all good things to you along with all the May flowers.
I'm off to the gym in a few minutes. I'm really pumped to keep up the exercise including the weight lifting after my 2 pound loss yesterday. I don't want to put great pressure on myself to lose the 1/2 pound to make an even 90 this week because every time I set a deadline for myself I have a setback. No great plans for today.
Have a great OP day.


Re: Daily Commitment 5/1

Good morning everyone. It is going to be a little cold here today but I will just wait till this afternoon to do an walk. Otherwise this morning I may hop on the treadmill this morning for a little bit, then I will clean for my dinner party tommorow. Make a few cookies, and just get my house in order. Still counting points this week as well Pat. I am enjoying eating quite a variety again. But I do still find my self making sure I get in my veggies and limiting my potatoe/pasta intake. It is amazing what you can get used to in a month.

have a great may day
op for me

Re: Daily Commitment 5/1

Was rereading yesterday's posts; great job to Patty and Brooke on the weight loss this week!!

I did really good OP yesterday. Went grocery shopping a day early and it took way longer than usual. Trying to read labels and look at how much carbs are in the things that I need to limit. I picked up a box of 100 cal. cupcakes, looked at the label and remembered I set a "goal" of not bringing those home...so I put them back. Woohoo for me overcoming the temptation! Wanted to pick up some Carb Smart Vanilla ice cream, but they were out of it at my Walmart, so will have to look for that next time. I did pick up some of those skinny cow truffle ice cream things...I wasn't impressed. Tasted like a fudge pop and other brands I've had are slightly cheaper for the same taste. But, for a lower carb "treat" this week, it was OK. I did buy extra fruit for me so hopefully it will satisfy my little sweet tooth (ok, big sweet tooth).

We're celebrating my son's 4th B-Day tomorrow. Have to work my second job this eve. and then come home and try to clean up my place since everyone is coming over...always something to do.

Have a good one!

Re: Daily Commitment 5/1

Brooke totally didnt even see your post yesterday. Way to go on the loss!!